How to Take Advantage of Screen Recording to Study Better


Although screen recording is normally associated with creating video guides for software or digital products – it has a lot of other applications as well. In fact, it could even be an invaluable tool when you’re studying, in more ways than one.

Essentially screen recording will enable you to record video footage of anything that is on your screen. When you’re studying that can be useful as it will enable you to save a wide range of resources as reference material.

Some of the ways in which you can take advantage of screen recording to study better are by using it to:

  • Save online videos of educational material

Do you like to study by watching educational material on YouTube or other platforms and websites? Nowadays there is a wealth of information out there about practically every topic under the sun that you could benefit from.

In most cases, online video platforms don’t provide you with a way to ‘download’ content, but screen recording can help you to overcome that. All you need to do is set up your screen recorder to capture the online video while it is playing on your screen and you can save it and watch it later.

  • Record live webinars and talks

As livestreaming has become more popular there is a lot of educational content that is broadcasted live over the internet. In fact, some online courses conduct their entire curriculum via live video streams.

Unfortunately, the downside of livestreams is that you need to be present at the time that they are being aired – which means that you could miss it if it is at an inconvenient hour.

Screen recording will give you the option to record any live webinars or talks, in much the same way that you would other online videos. Some screen recorders will allow you to schedule the recording as well, so you can set it to automatically start recording when the livestream begins.

  • Save video call study sessions

Rather than meeting up to have a study session with your friends – why not use video calls instead? It is the next best thing to actually being there in person and is definitely more convenient as well.

As you can probably guess by this point, screen recording will allow you to save any video call sessions as well – so you can refer to them later. In fact, this works if you want to just call a friend and ask questions, but are worried you won’t remember exactly what they said.

By this point, you should have a good idea of how to take advantage of screen recording to study better. All that remains is to learn how to record your screen using a screen recorder, and a good example of one to try is Movavi Screen Recorder. Once you start using screen recording as a tool to help yourself study better, you’ll find that it makes it much more convenient to save material for reference.