How to take care of your make-up


Every girl’s favorite friend is considered to be the make-up bag. Lately the girls can not imagine their lives without covering their faces with at least a light cover of make-up. This might be the lightest one, the less noticeable one, however every girl uses it. There barely exists a girl who would claim not having used any cosmetic product in order to fix, hide or point out some part of her face.

The biggest question is whether all of them are familiar with the instructions how to use them properly. The question is not only whether you are creative enough in order to do it good, but do you know how to keep the items clean and make them bring you benefits instead of the opposite.

First of all it is important to know that not all the types of cosmetics are meant for every type of skin. The rule number one is to pick a make up suitable for your type of skin exactly. Otherwise it will destroy your face more than it will help you. If you do not know what type of make-up is recommendable for your skin type, ask a specialist. If you can’t find one at least ask the person at the store, but don’t buy whatever you like just because of its package.


Second thing one should bare in mind is the life of the products. There are items that are less used than others, therefore last longer in the make-up bag. However, this does not mean they can last forever. Every product has its best before date and a date of expiry. Its readability is the simplest thing ever. You just have to find the sign that shows how much months after you open the product should you use. It’s a specific sign you won’t find on any other product which is not cosmetic, therefore they are easily recommendable. If you, however, keep on using a product which is old, you better don’t blame the company later. Infections and irritations are the most likely effects if using way too old cosmetic.


Least but not less, take care of your make-up. Do not place it everywhere around your house. Your make-up bag should be something that has to be clean always because is something you put on your face later. On the other hand, keep clean your brushes. If you can’t wash them every day or every second day, pick a day from the week and do it that very day each week with no exceptions. The beauty is part of your health. The heath should be the thing number one you care about. You don’t have to buy extra products in order to keep your cosmetic items clean. Liquid soap or even a shampoo is enough. What should be mentioned without exception is that you make-up bag is your own, personal, and you can’t share it with anybody. Not even with your closest family members. It’s for the sake of the health which is not an act of selfishness. Irritations, bacteria, allergies and so much more can be the unwilling consequence if you share even one of the items with somebody.