How to tell if you are on the right path


The following sentence will bring happiness to many souls all around. There is no wrong way! Of course, we should give an answer fair enough to cover this claiming. However, people who are already on their awakening and spiritual path already know what we refer to. As long as you accept every single movement and action you take as right for you, it will lead you to the willing place. To be more precise, every action should come from the source. This means you should feel excited, motivated and in tune with every decision you take. The last thing you should worry about is the other people’s opinion.

When you know there is more than one right way to reach your goal, you will immediately feel better. Your job is to care only about how you feel and never involve doubts when your dreams are in question.


On the other hand there is a little help sent from the Universe to guide you through your life experience. If you learn how to read and follow it, you will always be on the safer side. Therefore, the next time you wonder if you are doing everything as you should, there is a way to get reassured.

You are experiencing contrasts

The contrasts form part of the path. There is no goal you can reach without experiencing contrasts. This even helps you understand whether what you are asking for is really what you are willing to receive. If you learn how to look on the contrasts and take only the best out of them, they can even help you to get closer to your goal. Otherwise you can just ignore them and put the focus on the blessings in your life.

You feel happy for to special reason

You just know it is coming, that’s why you are in a better mood. When you are getting in harmony with your higher self it’s when you suddenly feel happy for no special reason. You just can’t stop smiling. You can even feel more energized and motivated to do things you otherwise feel lazy to do. Out of a sudden everything becomes beautiful to you and you feel happy for the smallest thing on Earth. That’s actually a huge sign you are on the right path. You just have to keep the focus on it.

All the signs you see all around suddenly make sense

Now you start seeing hearts all around you. The clouds, the clothes of the unknown people you see on the street even the background of the mobile of the person sitting right next to you in the bus all show the same. The phrase you “suddenly” read on the TV news, your colleague tells you the answer you were looking for so long without even asking for it. Your flight gets canceled, you lose the job you always hated or your less favorite colleague gets fired. This might sound strange now, but when it happens at the right time on the right place you just know it is you. It is you working on yourself, making changes and seeing some progress, as well as results.


Therefore, keep reading the signs and follow your path, as you are always on the right one. There is an infinite number of chances. Grab them!