How to Throw an Anniversary Party for Your Parents


Regardless of how many years are being celebrated, everyone deserves a romantic and elegant anniversary party. It’s not uncommon for couples to throw in the towel after a few years due to the stress of party planning. Sometimes, you need to take matters into your own hands to throw your parents a memorable anniversary party.

Although planning the perfect anniversary party might seem time-consuming and expensive, following these tips will help eliminate stress and ensure that everything goes smoothly.


Send out invites

It’s important to keep your parents’ best interests in mind when creating the guest list for their anniversary party. Start by considering how large your parents would want their party to be. While some people prefer intimate get-togethers with close friends and family, others enjoy big celebrations with everyone they knew.

Make sure to plan the party around your parents preference and send out invitations a few weeks in advance. Setting a deadline for RSVPs will help you obtain a general idea of how many guests will be attending. In addition, don’t forget to include the date, venue, dress code, the time of the party, and whether gifts are required. If the party is a surprise, be sure to indicate this on the invitations.

Choose a venue

Once you’ve decided how big your guest list will be, you can begin researching venues for the party. In order to score the most affordable rates, aim to book a venue a few months before the date of the party. If you’re centering the party around a specific theme, make sure to take this into consideration when choosing the venue. For instance, if you choose a tropical theme, an intimate dinner cruise is a great option that won’t break the bank.

If you’re not looking to drain your wallet on hiring a venue, it’s perfectly acceptable to host at your house, your parents’ house, or the house of a family member. Depending on the size of your guest list, you may want to choose the family member with the roomiest house or the most outdoor space. Hosting at your own home means you can decorate however you want and you won’t have to deal with the stress of choosing a venue in advance.


Make catering plans

For parties with more than 10 people, cooking a full three-course meal is out of the question. Cooking for larger groups requires a great amount of skill and effort, but it can be difficult to please everyone. Catering allows you to devote more attention to the important details of the party. Catering also offers options for individuals with a variety of dietary restrictions.

Take some time to research local catering companies in order to find the best match for your party. If you’re hosting outdoors, consider barbeque or a buffet set-up. On the other hand, if the party is inside, consider looking into a dining table full of different finger foods. This way, you’ll be able to provide a variety of options and ensure that there is something that everyone will enjoy.

If you’re choosing to serve alcohol, set up a mini bar of make-your-own drinks. A few days before the party, take a trip to the liquor store and buy some basics like vodka and tequila. Additionally, don’t forget to pick up a variety of mixers, including sodas and juices, so guests will be able to make their favorite drinks.

As long as you follow these steps to prepare, your parent’s anniversary party will have a smooth execution. Ultimately, the most important element of party planning is to start early. On the day of the party, be sure to relax and celebrate with your parents.