How to Throw Your Dog a Birthday Party


Throwing a birthday party for your furry friend is a lot like throwing one for your child; there’s bound to be lots of excitement, happy guests, and celebrations galore. If you’re wanting to throw your pooch a fun birthday celebration, use these tips to make sure he or she has a puppy party to remember.

Who Should You Invite?

You might be inclined to invite every one of your pooch’s furry friends, but think about how many guests you’re looking to entertain. Of course it’s best to invite the parents of furry friends who your dog has gotten along with well in the past—no need for tussling on the day of the party. Generally (as long as all the dogs are spayed and neutered) it’s a better idea to have a mix of male and female dogs, as opposite sexes tend to get along better in dog world. Invite your family and friends who have pets, any pups that your little one might have attended obedience school with, or any neighborhood dogs that get along with your pooch. Make sure all dog owners know they’re allowed to bring their pets, it might not be obvious to them from the outset. You could address the invites to their dogs if you wanted to make it really fun.

Choosing the Location

Is your yard big enough to host a bunch of pooches? Is it fenced in? These things must be considered as you start planning. Location is key, and you’ll want to make sure any friends who bring along their dogs will feel comfortable letting them run around. If your house won’t work, consider an outdoor park where the pups are allowed and are free to roam. There are also dog care facilities that might rent out rooms for such occasions, so check out local providers in your area and see if this is a possibility.

Pooch-Approved Treats

You’ll want to ensure you have treats at the ready to thank all the furry party guests for being on their best behavior. No birthday party is complete without a cake, so order one online from The Barkery. Each cake feeds up to 12 dogs depending on breed and size, so one should probably do the trick for your party. All the ingredients are dog-friendly and the cakes come in pretty appetizing flavors for your pooch: apple oatmeal, carob chip, peanut butter banana, and yes, even cheeseburger. The company will ship the cakes anywhere in the United States, just be sure you order in advance to make sure you get it in time for the celebration. This will be one birthday surprise Fido won’t see coming. The company also offers different styles of fresh baked treats and bones, so every puppy pal will enjoy the festivities. Another thing you can’t forget: keep water refreshed and easily accessible to ensure no puppies get overheated during their raucous playtime.

Don’t forget to provide refreshments for your human friends, too! Grab some yummy cookies arranged in bouquets, pick up a few pizzas, and provide plenty of beverages—especially important if your party is happening in the outdoor elements. You want all of your two-legged friends to enjoy this party as well, so make sure you have enough snacks to sate everybody.

Goodie Bags

If your dog has some puppy friends over to play, you can really get their tails wagging when party time’s over with some doggie-approved goodie bags. Not all goodies are treats, but good luck telling your dog that. Throw in some supplements that your fellow pet owners are truly going to appreciate, and some fun inexpensive chew toys that the dogs will go crazy over once they get home and receive their fun surprises. Squeaky balls and kongs will forever be pooch favorites, so you can’t go wrong throwing items like this into the equation.

Pets are family members, and they deserve birthday celebrations just as much as the rest of us. If you want to throw a fun shindig and get all of your friends over to enjoy a fun day in the sun, plan a puppy party that will have dogs and humans alike sharing a joyous time.