How to train your brain to get the job that you want


The psychology turned out to be the “best friend” to a dozen of people when their dreams are in question. The thing is, if you take a good look at how it works and all the advantages you have from its use, you night even consider relying on it more often in the future.

There are some simple, yet very productive psychological tricks that can lead you to getting the job you have always dreamed of. The only condition in this process is your determination and the great will to achieve it. If there is nothing you can lose, you can follow up the tips and watch your dream coming true.

Firstly, find what you really are passionate about. Be specific though. Forget about: good, easy, well-paid, indoor or whatever job. Determine what kind of job would you like to have. Think about something that really resonates with you. How about a well determined job like: a lawyer that works for the most powerful people in your area. This includes an office on the fifth floor of a brand new building, well equipped place with nice and friendly co-workers.

Secondly, be passionate and confident about it. Know your qualities and believe you do have all that is required to be such a person, working there. Have a burning desire to prove everyone, but mostly yourself, that you can have whatever you want.

Be optimistic. Read and educate yourself enough to know how do the greatest brains in the world think and what is that makes them be so different from the rest of the mass. Never stop feeding your knowledge and know that you are always a student, no matter how old are you nor what degree do you have.


Visualize. This is probably one of the most important elements in the whole process. By visualizing your goal at least twice a day, ten minutes each time, you increase the possibility of it happening to you. The key in this action is that by visualizing whatever you would like to happen to you, you involve emotions. That very emotions bring you the more of it into your reality, therefore the better you feel, the closer you are to your goal.

Dress for the job that you want, not for the job that you have. By acting as if you already have it, you show no lack of anything in your life. You vibrate that you are already exactly where you want to see yourself. Feel worthy, feel important, feel careless. If your dream job requires more elegant or office-like wardrobe, make sure you buy such stuff. Get yourself ready for it with no doubts!


Even though everyone claims that having a “Plan B” is what safes you from suffering at the end, the greatest brains claim that having such a plan means you still have doubts about the “Plan A”. This way you spread your attention into several fields instead of focusing it to the right place.

At the end, remember that the attitude is everything! Act as if you are already enjoying your job. Wake up with a smile on your face every morning. Be grateful for what you have and shoot for the stars! Do not feel guilty for wanting more than what you already have because, actually, everyone does the same. The dedication and the consistency decide who is taking it at the end!