How to Travel on Budget – 6 Best Tips


Are you a travel hungry individual daydreaming about escaping to exotic locations but worried about the fortune it will cost you? Travelling doesn’t have to be an expensive undertaking if you know just the right ways to save your dimes.

If you are wondering how to travel to your dream destination without spending a huge sum, budget travelling is the answer you’re looking for. There are some tried and tested budget travelling tips that most travellers follow. In this article you will find a compiled list of 6 best tips to help you travel on a budget.

Pre Plan Everything

Travelling spontaneously is fun and all but if you are tight on your budget pre planning is a smart way to proceed. Not that you need an hour by hour estimate but get a rough idea of the time span that you are going to spend in a certain place. This saves you the hassles of last minute flight accommodations and hotel bookings which tends to be on the expensive side of the scale.

Book Your Flights in Advance

A pro tip to keep in mind while travelling on a budget is to book all your flights in advance. Flight prices often tend to be fickle, going up and down frequently, so if you keep up with the flight schedules beforehand and book your tickets in advance it will save your cost considerably. Flight tickets tend to be cheaper around mid-week days orient your bookings in those days to save your cost.

Travel Out of Peak Season

If you travel off season, you can literally save a huge amount on your budget. You can look up the perfect time to visit your selected destination and visit the place before or after a few days from this peak time. The air and accommodation tickets tend to be lowered during this time to attract more people. Visiting a place during shoulder seasons saves your cost bon flights and accommodations big time.

Travel Light

Be a pro at packing and travel as light as possible while keeping the essential items in check. Don’t take things you won’t need. A lighter backpack in place of a heavy luggage will cut you the cost of checked luggage fees and also if you are travelling multiple destinations a big luggage can become cumbersome. Cut out heavy luggage from your plan thereby helping on your budget friendly agenda.

Book Reasonably Priced Hotel Rooms

Trading expensive hotels with decently priced ones is always a smart option while you are travelling on budget. Before booking your rooms do your research and choose the best priced alternative that meets your needs. You can also visit Coupon Dad website and check out the cool hotel coupons they have to offer.

Say Yes to Public Transport

Public transports are always a good choice to travel if you are looking for a cheaper alternative. Travelling in trains and buses can save you plenty on your budget as compared to rentals and all the gassing up that they need. Moreover travelling on night trains will save a day’s worth accommodation.

Wrapping Up

An occasional cut to the luxury can go quite a long way. With a budget friendly travel plan you might not get to experience all the grandeur of expensive meals and stays but you’ll definitely be rewarded with rich rewards that a travelling experience has to offer. Take advantage of all the budget travelling tips mentioned in this article and fulfill your travel goals all the while saving on your pennies.