How to Treat Friends You Haven’t Seen in a While


Are you excited about being able to socialise again? With restrictions relaxing recently, many of us have already hosted family in our gardens and ventured back to the local beer garden. 

Now, with even more changes coming in May, it’s time to start thinking about reconnecting with friends we’ve not seen in a while. If you’ve not been able to see your best friend for a while you might want to treat them to something special to make up for lost time. These could be gifts or simply fun activities to show how much they mean to you. Read on to get some inspiration. 

Go out 

Now that it’s possible to meet up in groups of six, why not book a table somewhere local and catch up with your closest friends at the local pub or coffee house with outdoor seating? You could buy a bottle of wine as a treat or cover the cost of dessert to show them how much you’ve missed them. 

Buy a gift

Maybe they live in another part of the UK and you can’t easily travel to see them? Perhaps you don’t feel ready to mix with others yet? Whatever the reason for not being able to catch up in person just yet, you can always pop something in the post to show you’re thinking of them. 

This could be a sentimental gift, such as framed photo from one of your favourite times together, or it could be something thoughtful, such as chocolate gifts filled with their favourite sweet treats. Whatever you send, you’re sure to make them smile with a surprise delivery.   

Host a movie marathon

Whether you can watch at your place or you’re in separate homes, you could host a film-watching session. From Bridget Jones’s Diary to Die Hard, there are plenty of iconic movies that are sure to mean something to you both. Press play and see if you can both quote some of the standout lines. 

Visit a local attraction 

With more beauty spots opening up, why not book tickets and go for a wander with your bestie? 

It might be that you’ve always said you’ll both visit a local stately home and this is a great opportunity to do it. Or maybe you want to create a full day out where you can both have a good catch up, so you want to visit somewhere that will take a few hours to explore? Either way, researching local attractions is a great way to treat your friends to some quality time together.  

From sending gifts to planning catch ups, there are plenty of ways to treat your friends.