How to Turn Your Balcony into Outside Paradise


More and more people live in apartments. Especially for those working in the city center. However, there is no greenery outside the unique apartment. There are those who do not mind, but also those who need to take a walk to the forest or park to take some vegetation. Unfortunately, not everyone has time for this. But calmly, for those who want to relax in the company of nature, a balcony, and many opportunities to develop it comes with help.


Green the place

Make sure your balcony turns green. Decorating your balcony with plants, you will improve its aesthetic appearance and make the balcony your little garden. A large number of plants make you feel better and are good for your environment. 

Plan the furniture neatly

Remember not to place too much furniture on the balcony. Balconies usually do not have too much space, so to make good use it is better to limit yourself to small armchairs and one table. The rest of the place can be used for plants, decorations, candlesticks, etc. In addition, the balcony is to resemble your garden and paradise. Don’t try to make it your next room in your apartment. Make your balcony feel like you are entering a paradise.


Make good use of every space on the balcony. Set flowers on window sills or hang on the wall. Make use of the balcony railing. You can hang lamps on a string, or flowers in pots on it. In addition, if you want to isolate yourself from neighbors or the environment, use bamboo mats. This will add a climate to your balcony and will brilliantly harmonize with the greenery of the plants. If you want to find perfect outdoor lightning check out the

Choose wisely

When choosing plants for the balcony, make sure that they are adapted to this. You will avoid unnecessary expenses and problems when the plants die. It is worth choosing those that are resistant to low temperatures or those that feel good in strong sunlight. Good flowers are, for example, geranium, fuchsia, or verbena.

Take care of the vegetation

If you want to make your balcony also have a practical role, decide to grow edible plants on it. Strawberries, lemons, and wild strawberries are delicious fruit. It is possible that you will discover your new hobby, and it will definitely force you to a new activity.


Also, use the space on your balcony to install small shelves or hangers on it. This will add a bit of clarity and space for new plants. DIY when doing such things brings a lot of satisfaction and fills time wonderfully. If you want your balcony to look even better, decide to make e.g. seats yourself. You can use old pallets for this. Just choose a few nice ones and start sanding. When you’re done, impregnate, choose a color and paint the palettes. Lay one on top of the other put comfortable pillows and voilà. Your balcony has just become an ideal place for afternoon relaxation.

Give Yourself some privacy

Often, going out onto the balcony you may feel watched. Your neighbors, people passing by the building, or workers see you. It is worth taking care of some privacy in your little paradise. Sunbrellas, for example, can be used for this. No one will be able to look at you from the upper floors anymore, and in addition, they will serve as the perfect protection against the sun. If you want to separate yourself from the street, think about installing a hedge on the balcony railing. It will add a lot of greenery, great atmosphere, and fulfill a practical role.

Make your own relaxation zone

What’s better than a happy hour outside? A coffee table and two low chairs are all you need to create a space to kick back and catch up while the world passes by below. Or go for a pouf topped with a tray so you will always have extra seating.

To create something beautiful and cozy, you won’t need much effort. All you need is a little desire and creativity and we’ll have unforgettable memories and a balcony that many can dream of. How you arrange it depends only on you, it can be all green or made in an industrial style. It is important that you like it  and being on the balcony gave you great pleasure