How to use colour to create a relaxing living room atmosphere


Our lives have become more hectic than ever in the wake of the pandemic, especially in the UK. With successive governments jumping from crisis to crisis, it’s fair to say that we all need that safe space to unwind and forget all of our troubles. This is before we even mention the stress that comes from our working lives.

After all, surveys show that the UK and Ireland are among the highest in terms of prevalence of stress and anxiety in Europe for 2022. The saying goes that a cluttered house often stems from a cluttered mind, or perhaps vice versa. Either way, having all of your ducks in a row from an interior decoration standpoint could be just the tonic to chase the blues away and allow for some tranquillity.

It is quite surprising what you can do with a minimalist approach, and colours can be your secret weapon in introducing a calmness to your world. So sit back, relax, and consider some ways in which you could ease that chaos with simplicity and serenity.

Modernity or tradition?

This aspect of the equation is entirely up to you – are you an ‘out-with-the-old-in-with-the-new’ type of person, or do you relish the older, more classic interiors? Do you yearn for that old rustic fireplace, or are you more interested in a more modern electric fireplace? Either way, you can make your living room look stunning if your palate is on point.

Choosing neutral colours may be seen as the safe choice, but who says that you need to go for the zanier colours? If anything it allows the other, more exciting aspects of the living room to shine from the blank canvas that serves as their backdrop. It creates something calm and inviting, especially when those long nights draw in again come November.

With neutral tones, you can also use more than one to create a subtle contrast that brings the room to life. Consider shades of blue and green, as well conventionally neutral tones of white.

Warmth or Coolness?

This aspect is once again subject to your own personal preferences, but consider some earthy tones like orange, red, or brown for that autumnal vibe. You’ll relish coming home to curl up by the fireplace with a novel in your own private luxury. 

Then again, you may be more interested in the icy, cool, wintry vibe, in which case the glacial blues or aquatic colours are perfect in enabling such elegance. Consider a deep turquoise, which strikes a balance between this warmth and coolness.

A pale lavender can also bring a particular kind of elegance to any room, as well as a subtle sweetness that few other colours can bring. A blush-painted room can also do this, especially when combined with plants and natural décor. Bringing more life to a room in that sense can, perhaps ironically, bring more stillness and calm.

Your home is your castle, so ultimately it’s up to your personal preference for how you want that castle to be laid out. If you want a steady ship from which you can recuperate from a stress-filled day, then changing the colour scheme of your living room could well be the perfect place to start. It may seem like a minor change, but it really can make a major difference.