How to use old furniture for your backyard


Everyone likes to have a piece of furniture in their garden. You can use indoor furniture in your garden as well. This is a very interesting topic for those who are planning to buy new furniture but don’t want to throw the old one. The old furniture can be very useful in your garden or your backyard. You can use the old chairs and beds for outdoor dining and relaxing, and interesting items such as chests and drawers can be turned into the garden decor, storage for plants, or garden tools.

Instead of throwing away used furniture, we bring you a few suggestions on how you can recycle it and reused it for a new purpose.

Use the old chairs

Chairs are mostly used for relaxing and dining but you can be more creative for outdoor usage. Old worn-out chairs can be turned into potholders. You can cut a hole that is large enough to hold a pot with your favorite plants. Paint the chair in light or bright colors, or you can keep its natural color to get a rustic feel.

A new role of the old tub

Give your old and unused bathtub a new purpose as a planter. You can plant colorful seasonal flowers or plants of your liking. Fill the bottom of the tub with a few inches of gravel or broken pottery to create good drainage. It can also be used as a cooler with ice during the summer for your beverages.

With a little imagination and creativity, you can make sofas for sitting. Add decorative pillows and spice up your outdoor space with a unique piece of furniture. A small lake in your garden can also be made with the help of a bathtub. You can dig a hole in the ground where you will place your old bathtub. Add decorative flowers and surround the post around the pond with natural stones.

Make an open bar

If your kitchen windows are opening onto a terrace, you can use an old, wooden, flat panel that can be attached on the outside of the house, under the window. This plate will be your outdoor bar or a practical table for dining. For added comfort, you can set up a few bar stools so your guests can sit and talk with you and enjoy your company.

Outdoor bed

Create a comfortable place to relax, by moving the old bed from your home, to the terrace or the porch. You can paint the bed in bright shades, but if your bed is made of metal, don’t forget to use a paint that will prevent rust. Cover the mattress with fabric so it won’t fade. Decorate your bed with soft pillows made of waterproof fabrics. If your bed is located in a part of the yard that is covered with rood, then there are a lot of decorative details you can add according to your taste. We suggest a small rug, an old coffee table, and a lamp and you can add bamboo curtains or blinds for a little privacy.

Hanging ornaments

Decorations that you no longer use at home it can be placed as a garden decoration. You can use old picture frames and mirrors in a creative way, by dividing the porch areas with fabrics and draperies. Small statues and pottery that you have, you won’t need to throw them away. Place them between the plants to create garden art. By painting them and then process them with sandpaper, you will give the art an antique look.

Design for backyard dining space

If you have an old dining table, you can move it outdoors instead of buying a new picnic table. There are several ways to protect the wood, including covering the table with tarpaulin. Here are some tips to help your wooden furniture to withstand all weather conditions:

Furniture made of teak and cedar is more durable than other types of wood. Waterproof glue and exterior paints will additionally protect your furniture. Paint the furniture every few years and if it’s possible you can remove the furniture during the cold autumn and winter seasons.

Many things that you plan to throw away, you can easily use them in your garden. Not only will save you some money, buy it will give your yard a modern, unique and recognizable look.