How to Write A Timed Essay


The in-class timed essay is one of the most challenging tasks to face. Having to compose a compelling essay under the pressure of a ticking time is a challenge in and of itself. The system of writing an essay scheduled at 45 minutes or fewer may be learned in subsequent paragraphs or just ordered at

Even though you only have a few precious minutes to complete your timed essay, you should spend many hours studying for the test. To prepare for a timed essay, you need to arrange your ideas and resources in advance. Delivering your paper on time is as important as the essay itself, and there are assignment writing services that can help you provide a quality essay quickly on time.  

Make sure you’re prepared for the essay portion of the exam by following these six guidelines.

First 5 Minutes; Learn About Your Subject

This is an excellent opportunity to go through what you’ll need to perform on the timed essay since you know the content.

Relaxation is the first step. Are you feeling rushed? Take a deep breath, and calm yourself. To prevent exam anxiety, you must feel in control of your time. Focusing on the work at hand and not allowing your thoughts to stray or worry.

Start working now that you’ve calmed down. Spend the first 1 to 5 minutes reading and rereading the essay question to make sure you understand. To avoid writing about something wholly erroneous or irrelevant, you must take the time to comprehend the question entirely.

Furthermore, mark important terms with a highlighter and look for many parts in the question. 

6-15 Minutes: Organize Your Answer (Outline)

Plan to spend a few minutes in quiet contemplation. The next step is to scribble down any thoughts or ideas that come to mind. A memory dump is a term for this. Make a rough outline of the main points you want to make

It will be simpler to put all of your thoughts and ideas on paper into a logical sequence when you have all of your thoughts and ideas. An informal overview of the main themes should be drawn out at this time. Make sure you stick to your subject and don’t leave out any vital facts.

Assign a number to each item on your list to track what must be addressed first. Then, work your way from the most significant notion to the least important. So, if time runs out, you’ll have already covered the most crucial topics.

15 – 40 Minutes: Write Your Essay

It is now time to develop your points and write them down when you have a preliminary framework.

As you compose your essay, each of the ideas in your preliminary outline will be expanded. Therefore, it’s critical to avoid making broad generalizations while discussing a topic.

Reread and revise your work to make sense before you submit it. Teachers may not punish you as harshly for grammatical issues if they know you can’t get your work adequately edited before it’s due. However, you still want your essay to make as much sense and be error-free as possible, so reserve some time for editing and rewriting.

The next time a timed essay is within your grasp, remember it doesn’t have to be a stressful procedure. Remember to plan ahead of time, read the question carefully, arrange your ideas, include specific and well-supported details, and sproofread your essay before submitting it.

All of these steps may be accomplished if you manage your time well, and if you are too occupied, there are writing service companies that can help you out.