How to Write Essays Three Times Faster


Sometimes things come up when you least expect it and you need to get assignments like essay papers out of the way fast.  When you have homework you need to be written quickly what can you do? Sure, you could buy a research paper but when you don’t have the necessary funds you need to get the work done yourself. The process isn’t as bad as you think and you can get things done by doing it in small simple steps. To get an idea of how to prepare for your assignment sooner than later, here are a few suggestions to get you started.


Get Research Sources Ready Ahead of Time

Once you know what your topic will be, get your resources in order.  Make a list of websites, books, or people that will help you get the information you need for your idea.  Having a list of sources ready encourages you to move faster and make it easier to get the writing process started.  Plus, you’ll gain ideas sooner on what to write and how to write it. Your sources may include sample papers from trusted academic homework help sources. Use them to get ideas on how to organize, structure, and develop an original idea.

Assess Essay Question and Guidelines Carefully

Read carefully content related to your question and guidelines before you get your paper written.  Get a clear picture of what is required for your paper before you plan your next step.  Think about your idea and consider something that will be easy to write and research. Because you are working to get the paper done as soon as possible it helps to clarify any details that may be confusing or need additional explanation with your instructor or colleague.  

Define Clear Argument or Pitch for Your Paper

The argument or pitch for your paper is the thesis statement.  The thesis statement is a sentence that tells the overall purpose of your paper.  It can be an opinion, question, fact, or general statement your paper will prove through supporting evidence.  The supporting evidence will be your supporting points mentioned throughout the page. Each paragraph after your introduction will detail one supporting point that proves your main idea as true.  You will restate this statement along with your supporting points in your conclusion paragraph.

Take Notes Using Outline

When preparing for custom paper writing it is important to use an outline.  The outline makes writing fast and easy because you break up the work into smaller parts. The outline takes your assignment and helps you view it as a snapshot of your final draft.  You will collect information, divide it into sections or parts listed on the page, and organize your content. An outline lets you do multiple tasks at once with your material so your rough draft comes together sooner than you think.

Prepare Body First, Then Intro and Conclusion Last

Preparing a paper for college can be challenging but some find it easier if they start on a different section instead of the introduction first. Even when applying for college through the application and admissions process, students found it easier to start writing their essays focusing on content that appears in the middle of the page.  When you have a general idea of what information will appear in the middle making up your body paragraphs, your paper is almost complete already. Discuss supporting points and then put them in order from most to least important. It makes writing the introduction and the conclusion easier because you already know what details to refer to as they related to your main idea.

After reviewing actions you can take to write a great paper now is the time to take action.  Taking steps one at a time helps break up the work while allowing you to move faster through the process.  Make plans by reviewing guidelines, establishing a source list, and creating an outline upon deciding your main idea.  Develop your idea into a thesis statement and choose supporting points to validate it. Use the outline to create your rough and final draft with ease. You’ll have your content completed with time to spare.