How Top 10 DIY websites generated traffic from Instagram?


With the world still reeling in from the trauma caused by the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, most of the world has taken to stay at home. Almost every other social media platform is overburdened with the sheer number of visitors each day, Instagram is no exception. With an average of a billion active users daily on the platform, as more and more people are working from home, the platform has reached brand new heights. Similalry, there are services and agencies, like this, that will help you reach all your Instagram marketing goals. As more and more people start to remain indoors, they are at a loss of things to do with all the spare time in their hands. 

While some are upskilling, others are decorating their homes while others focusing their energies into cooking new dishes. With the rise of DIY websites on the internet, people are constantly looking for some innovative and easy ways to beautify their rooms or make something to use. Not having enough money is not the only reason to go the DIY route. Doing things by youself can prove to have both therapeutic and assuring effects on the human mind. It does get the creative juices flowing and an awesome way to make your time fun as well as productive. Today we will be taking a look at some of the top DIY websites on Instagram and how they are able to generate increasing traffic.

5 Minute Crafts (@5.min.crafts): 

Source: Instagram

Probably one of the first names to come to mind when you think of DIY websites on the internet. With over 40.9 million active followers on Instagram, 5 minute craft is probably the biggest name to feature in this niche. What started out as a friendly YouTube channel has turned into a recognised name almost all over the world. The YouTube page of 5 minute crafts has accumulated over 66.5 million active subscribers all of which tremendously helps with bringing more and more traffic to their website. Owned by TheSoul Publishing based in Limassol, Cyprus, the website features a host of time saving tricks that can help in the daily household routines. From cooking to cleaning and everything in between the 5 Minute Crafts is a great website for those who are interested in the DIY niche. They have mastered the game by providing the exact contents and making quirky and cool contents that the viewers want. Their Instagram marketing strategy is really awesome.

Brightside (@brightgram):

Source: Instagram

Also hosted under the banner of TheSoul Publishing, the channel features DIY tricks and tips, useful trivia and many more. Other names under this publisher include SMART BANANA, 5 minute crafts and Slick Slime Sam. Brightside has amassed over 1.2 million active followers on Instagram and over 34.8 million subscribers on their YouTube channel making it the 29th most subscribed channel on YouTube in 2019, thus ensuring huge redirection of traffic to their websites. According to a famous marketing agency BuyTrueFollowers, clever contents based on many unique topics have made Brightside one of the biggest names in this niche. Brightside’s YouTube channel has over 6 billion views. According to the creators, Brightside was set up as an attempt to nurture the seeds of creativity present in us all. 

A beautiful mess (@abeautifulmess):

Source: Instagram

Created by Elise and Emma, A Beautiful Mess features DIY lifestyle blogs. A beautiful mess has tons of useful and unique tips that can help to bring out your inner beauty. From photo editing tips to make up tips to home makeovers, A beautiful mess is your one stop solution for all your DIY beautification needs. A beautiful mess’s Instagram page has over 666k active followers and over 28.5k active subscribers on their YouTube channel. From making beautiful oversized scrunchies to glitter photo frames, A Beautiful Mess has got your creative needs covered. “Stay home and make something” is their motto.

Damasklove (@damasklove):

Created by Amber Kemp-Gerstel, Amber always aims to keep her projects simple, real and fun. All the crafts featured on her page is very easy to make and very beginner friendly. Her entire feed is very colourful and relatable. Her followers have been constantly hooked to her beautiful hand painted fabric patterns and innovative tips that she has to share. Her Instagram page has attracted over 70.7k followers who are all in for the queen of crafting. From DIY notebooks to some beautifully tied ribbons, Amber brings out the best out of ordinary things and bringing out the positivity in you.

Oh Happy Days (@ohhappyday):

Planning to have a party at your home? Learn as to how you too can throw the most badass parties in town! Based in San Francisco, Oh Happy Days is one of the best DIY platforms on Instagram that gives tutorials on everything that you need to throw the best parties in town. Created by event planner Jordan Ferney as a blog, the website has grown multitudes in size into one of the top DIY resources on the web. Their slogan is, “We put the ART in PARTIES”.

From party snacks to creating portable photo booths to a pinata, Oh Happy Days will have something for everyone who loves to party. With daily updated DIY contents, the Instagram page of Oh Happy Days has over 526k active followers. They have used Instagram live feature to show their video content a lot and this is one of the many reasons for their success. You may also try to buy Instagram live views to gain more vieweship of your content.

Philip_or_flop (@philip_or_flop)

For some awesome home creation and beautification tips, this is the page to follow on Instagram.  Creating a unique trend in transforming his own house into a custom designed one all the while walking his followers glued to their screens. Over the years Philip has been steadily keeping his followers intrigued by walking them through the step by step guides on how he is able to do everything. This adds to the charm of the page. Make sure you check out some of the beautiful dollhouses he has created for his daughters. With over 96.6k active followers on Instagram, Philip brings out a unique take on the niche of DIY.

The crafted life (@thecraftedlife):

Are you looking for a heavy dose of vibrant colours? If yes, The Crafted Life might be your best bet on the Internet. All the things you find on the page or website is focused on something everyone can do at home and make their life colourful and fun in the process. It does not matter if you are looking to create a beautiful necklace or a cocktail recipe to enjoy in your next party, Rachel has got something for everyone. Start following her for some awesome inspirations and make your life more colourful and vibrant. Based in the city of New York, the Crafted Life has over 46.8k active followers on its Instagram page.

The DIY Day (@thediyday):

Created by Renee Day, she grew up with a passion for crafting new and innovative things and have not stopped ever since. Renee perceives art as a therapy for those who can’t express enough using their own words. From calligraphy to string art to hand made cards, this website features a wide array of DIY projects that you can easily undertake very easily. You can find very easy tutorials on otherwise very difficult procedures. You can also find her book Creative Journaling documenting over 100 ideas and techniques.

The DIY Day official Instagram page has over 248k active followers and has collaborated with several big brands such as Daniel Wellington, ROKU, SkillShare, Paper Pop, White lines, Dingbats and many more.

Studio DIY (@studiodiy):

The brainchild of Kelly Mindell, Studio DIY is a Los Angeles based creative lifestyle company that was founded in 2011.  Featuring a huge variety of fun and kooky DIY projects, recipes and ideas to turn your life into a party, the company has collaborated with big brands such as Modernica chair and have also designed costumes for The Total Show and Miley Cyrus.  A unique take on a creative lifestyle, this page is sure to put a smile on your face. The official Instagram page of Studio DIY has over 410k active followers on Instagram. Their most of the social media strategies are very effective to gain traction.

Sugar and Cloth (@sugarandcloth):

No one packs quite the punch when it comes to yummy recipes like Sugar and Cloth. Founded in Houston, Texas in 2011 by Ashley Rose, Sugar and Cloth feature some of the most awesome and mouth-watering delights on the internet that you can jump straight into. The website also features tons of useful crafting ideas as well as many beautiful décors for your home. After quitting her full-time day job in 2014, Ashley has been in the business of inspiring others as a full-time job while maintaining a perfect work life balance with her husband Jared and daughter Gwen. The official page of Sugar and Cloth on Instagram has accumulated over 270k active followers which helps in driving huge amounts of traffic to the website as well.