How well do you know the world’s history


History lessons tend to be the most boring ones when we are young. However, the older we get the more essential is to know the history of the world we live in. There are such an important events, information, stories even people that we are supposed to know. If you get deeper into the topic and you look for reliable proofs, you will realize that the history we used to hate is such an interesting subject. Even though the lessons we all have studied seemed to be boring, the following facts will prove you wrong.

The more you feed yourself with knowledge, the richer you are. Moreover, the history reveals where do our roots come from. It shows us the life of our ancestors and why should we be thankful for what we have nowadays.

1. The pyramids we all admire are indeed very old. Even Tutankhamun himself was looking at them as ancient.
2. Some trees from the family giant sequoia are even older than the pyramids.
3. Cleopatra comes from an important Egyptian empire family. Even though all her ancestors used to reign with Egypt, Cleopatra was the first one to learn the Egyptian language.
4. The only place the Axis Forces managed to invade on the territory of America was Alaska. It happened during the World War II.
5. Believe it or not but the experts have counted that in the past 3.000 years there were spent only 240 years in peace.
6. The army of Julius Caesar once got divided in two halves. The idea was to surround the enemy. However it ended up that the soldiers spent hours and hours in waiting to attack each other.
7. At the peak of her dynasty the Roman Empire owned a territory of 6,5 million of kilometers square. It was the nineteenth biggest empire in the world.
8. The Soviet Union’s soldiers used dogs with an explosives attached to them in order to save themselves from the opponent’s tanks. However, many times the dogs would come back and make a damage among the Soviet Union members.
9. It is considered that there have been eleven deadly wars throughout the history. Even nine of them have taken place in China.
10. The night before Abraham Lincoln was killed, he approved the existence of the Secret Service.
11. The today’s USA flag was designed by seventeen years old boy Robert Heft. He has drown it for a school project and got a mark four for it. Later, when the president approved his design, the teacher corrected his mark to five.
12. Originally the pyramids were covered by a marble. The very top of them was covered in 24-carat gold.
13. In 1927 the national doctor Julius Wagner got a Noble Price. He found out a cure for syphilis. However, he discovered the cure by infecting people with malaria.
14. All the British tanks made after the year 1945 contained an equipment for preparing tea.
15. The sunglasses were invented by the Chinese. However, their purpose was not to protect the people from the sun. They were previously used by judges in order to hide their emotions.