How You Can Get Quick COVID Testing Results for Companies in Dallas


If you are a Dallas business owner or event planner in need of testing options, you want the most cost-effective way to get reliable results and keep your staff and patrons safe. Keep reading for more information on your options for employee and event testing.

Why rapid testing on-site is best for business

Administering COVID-19 tests to employees and/or guests can feel like a burden as the person responsible for making it happen. But onsite testing is becoming more common practice because of how effective it is at keeping everyone safe – and also keeping your business open.

By not allowing anyone infected to enter, you prevent the virus from spreading. Regular testing can also allow you to have employees work in teams, meaning that if there is an outbreak, you can have backup staff in place quickly to resume operations.

The drawbacks of relying on self-reported test results

Although the demand for COVID-19 testing has reduced since people started getting the vaccine, putting the onus on employees to access testing themselves is not a wise business practice.

Many places where one can access rapid COVID-19 testing also function in other healthcare capacities, meaning your employee could potentially be exposed to COVID or other illnesses in the process of getting tested. You also have the reassurance that test results are accurate and have not been tampered with by administering them through your business or event.

Understanding COVID-19 tests

To determine which test is most ideal for use at your event or workplace, it’s important to understand the different types of tests available.

  • RT-PCR tests are the most accurate COVID-19 test available, and are the tests most commonly used at most public testing sites and by healthcare providers. These tests require lab processing, meaning the turnaround time for results is at least 48 hours. Obviously, these tests are not ideal for workplace or event testing.
  • Rapid antigen tests are able to produce results in 15 minutes or less, though they do have a 1 in 5 false negative ratio. Despite this, the rapid antigen test is ideal for regular employee or group testing due to its speed and the fact that no lab processing is necessary.
  • Rapid Accula PCR tests offer the best in both speed and accuracy. Available through select healthcare providers, these tests offer the high accuracy of the RT-PCR in 30 minutes or less. This test is especially appropriate for situations in which a person is at a high risk of danger from exposure. This includes people who have not received or are not yet eligible for the vaccine, as well as many others. People who have received organ transplants or who suffer from other medical conditions don’t get the full benefits of the vaccine that the average person gets.

Rapid testing options for Dallas businesses

Some business owners or event planners may want to utilize DIY testing kits for staff and/or guests. The first rapid testing kits were authorized for emergency use by the FDA in December 2020 and have finally reached retail shelves here in the U.S. The kits range from $20-$40 per test and come with instructions on how to administer the test; one type even allows you to download results on a phone app.

While DIY kits seem an easy solution, it’s important to remember that there are numerous regulations surrounding COVID-19 testing and employee rights. If your business has a strong HR department well-versed in navigating these sensitive matters, then DIY kits may be a suitable option. But if you are a smaller business without someone well-versed in dealing with the sensitive health matters of employees, you may prefer an option that comes with more guidance.

Mobile COVID-19 testing services allow you to focus on operations

If you are in need of quick COVID testing results for companies in Dallas, consider a mobile COVID-19 testing service. These companies will send one or more nurses to your workplace or event to administer rapid COVID-19 tests to your employees and/or guests.

These services:

  • Can offer guidance surrounding COVID-19 workplace and event protocols.
  • Can help provide you with the forms you need to test employees.
  • Report COVID cases to regulatory agencies as required.
  • Take care of all necessary supplies for testing, meaning they focus on testing so you can focus on business.
  • Have medical professionals administer the tests, which can benefit employees by relieving anxiety that someone may self-administer a test incorrectly and receive a false negative result.

While there is no denying the work or expense of running a business in the New Normal, the advantages of putting safety first go far beyond logistics. The pandemic has highlighted the challenges of the traditional workplace, and workers are paying attention to how their employers are responding to these new challenges. Emphasizing keeping everyone safe will show employees that you value them, which can lead to better workplace morale and teamwork.