Iconic shoes behind stellar NBA moments


Cool NBA shoes will always stand out, and many of them are tied to iconic moments in the series. That’s why you really want to push the boundaries and really bring in an interesting set of shoes into the mix, as they are very different and just rewarding all the same. With that in mind, here’s a list of iconic NBA shoes that I am sure most of us will enjoy talking about and sharing with other people.

Kawhi Leonard eliminating the 76rs in 2019

Despite the fact that this iconic moment is around a year ago, so not that old, it’s still pretty impressive. He got to become a huge star by actually doing something unprecedented. The shoe that he wore here is just as amazing, the New Balance OMN1S really stands out as being something different and people love it just because it’s so interesting. Granted, the combination of black, purple and gold is very distinctive and unique, but you do get plenty of interesting features and moments to check out. Overall, it’s a nice shoe that I am sure everyone will love.

Steph Curry does a 38 foot game winner

When you think about huge moments like these, it’s hard to put them into words. But that’s what Steph Curry managed to do here, he brought in a very distinctive set of moments, one of which is now in history. Speaking of the shoes that he was wearing, the Under Armour Curry 2 were indeed some really impressive shoes with nice features and really cool ideas. A lot of people love these shoes because they are really fun despite not being overly ornate or complex, they still look nice and provide a cool value and experience. 

Kobe scoring 60 points in his final match

Being able to experience all of this is what really pushes the boundaries to create something new. Kobe was an innovator in the game, and he always wanted to bring in as much joy and happiness as he could. And he managed to score something that a lot of people would not think possible. But that’s the cool thing about all of this, the fact that he tried to make it as interesting and as rewarding as possible without having to rush or push things too much. You rarely get that, and it’s the iconic feeling that you want to get. He wore the Nike Kobe 11 Fade to Black, which are pretty simple in their own right. But they are really fun shoes to wear with some cool features.


Ray Allens does a 3 pointer for overtime

Ray Allens was known for doing a really good job in important moments, and that’s definitely what you’re getting here. It’s a very interesting moment that a lot of people will love just because it’s so different and rewarding. It’s definitely something that shines and which stands out of the crowd in a very cool manner. He was wearing the Jordan XX8 “Locked and Loaded”, a pretty interesting one that really showcases the value and quality that a player of his caliber can bring to the table. It’s unique and different, and the shoes themselves are pretty impressive for sure.

Kobe scoring 81 points

It’s hard to find times when you have the first signature shoe done for you and you end up scoring 81 points. That’s hard to fathom in a game like basketball, yet it still manages to be one of the nicest and most interesting gaming experience that you could find. It’s a unique opportunity and one of those things that can push the experience to the next level in a very rewarding manner. Kobe did a great job here, and he was wearing the Nike Kobe 1 at that time. The shoe itself looks extraordinary, again with a more simplistic design, but it gets the job done and it pops without being over the top.

One thing is certain, all these shoes tell their own story and they are amazing in their own rights. That’s what really manages to make them stand out, and a shoe like this is always something that you want to push the boundaries with. They are innovative, creative shoes that collectors and shoe enthusiasts love!