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Your personal online print shop offers you a variety of paper options and surfaces for a wide variety of requirements and requirements.For a professional first impression of your business equipment.

Chromo sulfate cardboard, bright white specialty printing paper, design paper and of course environmental paper are just some of the materials you can choose from.

Various papers are also coated with a dispersion varnish and you get a more pleasant feel for a successful first impression.
Have your business cards printed online and delivered to one or more addresses.

Of course, your business cards will be shipped safely in a specially designed outer packaging with a practical opening.

Business cards business

Unique business cards are the trademark of your company, with which you always have the most important information at hand.

At the same time, you can also put your personal advertising on your business cards.
Folded business cards offer you even more options for design, information and advertising.

Twice as much space, place new ideas, meaningful photos that arouse interest, for an even better first impression.

You can highlight your business business cards with different materials, e.g. B. bright white art paper, design paper or recycled paper.

Business cards Exclusive

You can always get more exclusive, because with exceptional materials, exclusive business cards surely score.
Let an exclusive paper speak for itself!

Give your design or your corporate identity more expression.
Our materials with metallic, gold, mother-of-pearl and silver effects are particularly eye-catching.

For tangible enthusiasm, we offer special papers with linen structure, honeycomb structure or ribbed structure.
These turn your exclusive business cards into an elegant flatterer.

A lot of choice means many options for your wishes. Of course, you will also receive exclusive folding business cards from all papers.

Especially for our customers, we also produce in short runs on these exquisite papers.
We also have other office equipment such as stationery, envelopes and cards in many formats and materials in our range.

Laminated business cards

The effect of foil-laminated business cards increases due to their value and the many advantages they offer you.

You get a unique surface when your business cards printed online are laminated.

Soft-touch feel with matt foil lamination gives a pleasant grip with a velvety feel and elegant appearance.

Brilliant color effects, protection for the colors and your design can be achieved with glossy film lamination.

Refinements with foils effectively increase usability and ensure a long-lasting, permanent advertising effect for your customers and friends.

Freely selectable according to your wishes, your design and your corporate identity for a guaranteed good first impression.

Multiloft cards

Multiloft cards are the new dimension in digital printing – we make expressive business cards out of them.

Strengthen the design printed on the outside with colored, freely selectable paper cores.

Use the opportunity to upgrade your design appropriately.

A maximum of three color cores, also in different colors. This turns your Mulitloft business card into an impressive, colorful heavyweight of 1475 g / m².

A guaranteed eye-catcher! Also unique for cards, invitations, greeting cards, save-the-date cards, square cards and everything that arises from your creativity.

Our special tip: magnetic business cards.

Your printed products, with a flexible soft magnetic plate on the back, will stick!
As business cards for your customers, as a fridge magnet or as a pin sticker.
A product that can be used individually for all magnetic surfaces.

Business card Holders

Get a professional impression and present your business cards confidently in a business card case.    You as a businessman in a well-groomed 2-piece men’s suit and your business card in an elegant leather case.

Practical, always at hand and for protection also available as an aluminum case or as a stainless steel one-hand case in our range.