Ideas to make your small bedroom more spacious and comfortable


A confined bedroom can dampen your mood and inhibit your chances of enjoying sleep comfort. It is everyone’s wish to have a spacious bedroom, not for the fun part of it but just to make things cozier.

More space is not really about the functionally; it is more about how you feel in a small bedroom and how you would with more space. Most people tend to forget that the bedroom is more than a sleeping area. It is your little haven a place where you get top unwind, relax and enjoy some alone Moment.

So do you want to enhance the space in your bedroom? Here are a few tips to help you;

Lighten up the color in the bedroom

Color can shrink a room and make it look spacious. If your room has some dull colors, then consider lightening it up to give it a more spacious look. Try some baby pink, cool blue or green for a change. A mixture of cool yellow can also help to pull the walls back visually.

You may have come across articles suggesting warm colors for the bedroom. Wellyes, that’s right, but only if your intention is to make it cozy, if you want your room to appear more spacious then cool colors will do the trick.

De-clutter messes in the room

To create more room and to make your room look bigger,clear any unnecessary messes like throwing away things you don’t need or simply give them away. If there are those that you need but are not using at the moment, then find a better place for them outside the bedroom.

Only leave the essentials in the room.

Reflecting Mirrors

Mirrors work great in adding dimension to the room especially when placed in certain key areas of the room. The reflecting effect tends to enhance space in the bedroom. Choose mirrors that compliment your room and put them instrategic areas where they can have a goodeffect.

Bed and mattress

To avoid squeezing space, use a slim-framed bed or simply buy a medium sized bed that you can fit on together with you partner. A good idea to save up on space and still be able to have a big bed is to buy a fold down bed. These are beds that have inbuilt shelves and drawers just underneath them.

A Fold-down bed will provide you with extra storage space as well allow you to sleep comfortably.

If you can’t afford these, since they are relatively expensive, then just use a conventional bed but then utilize the bed space below to store extra items preferably in boxes


For a small bedroom, small furniture will do. You don’t need large furniture sizes for your room to look cozy. You can as well achieve a cozy look with smaller but stylish bedroom furniture.

In additionto that, how you arrange the pieces of furniture in your room is key to saving space. Try to arrange the items in angles that avoid visible lines of the walls.


Do the trick of enhancing bedroom space with wallpapers. Find wallpapers that have horizontal patterns for these tend to create the effects of horizontal expansions.

Good quality wallpapers when applied well can complement your bedroom as well as enhance your room décor.

With the above tips, you should be able to decorate your room in a way that creates coziness as well as increasing space. Remember, design is something that should meet thepersonal requirement, so even as you work towards making your small bedroom look bigger, be mindful of your individual preferences.

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