Signs Its Time to Update Your Kitchen Cabinets


Wondering how you can decide whether you need a fresh and new look for your kitchen cabinets? Well, it’s not tricky to understand the time to remove your old cabinetry and get a new one.  Of course, if your kitchen cabinets are outdated, you need to consider updating them. 

Here are four more signs that indicate you need to update your kitchen. Let’s take a look to get an idea. 

Old Color Scheme

The first and primary reason is that you are no longer satisfied with your kitchen cabinets. This can be because of the unappealing color of your cabinets. Or, simply, you may not like the color scheme of your entire kitchen. Of course, you want to pick a trendy color for your space.  

In this case, it’s time to get new RTA cabinets or any other type of cabinetry. Just make sure to choose fashionable colors like beige, yellowed greens, and deep bronze. And do remember that your cabinet’s color should complement the overall colors scheme of your space. Want to find premium-quality and beautiful cabinetry? You need to click here

Outdated and Worn Hardware

You might not know, but cabinetry hardware makes or breaks the look of your cabinets. Having old, broken, or rusty knobs and pulls are something you need to replace as soon as possible. Hence, if you have kitchen cabinets that have outdated hardware, consider changing them. 

Bring cabinets with sliding features, i.e., without any hardware. Or you can simply go for tabular bar handle pulls, oversize matte black drawer pulls, gold and copper finished hardware, exposed screws, and others. 

Lack of Storage Space

Are you facing trouble keeping your cabinets organized because of compact space? Then, you surely need to replace your old cabinetry with high-quality and best kitchen cabinets. Some popular manufacturers are making products that offer you a lesser footprint and higher space. The best part is that they are durable and gorgeous items that facilitate you with a stunning ambiance. 

Moreover, when you decide on cabinetry in terms of its space, make sure to look for more cabinets and draws than before. This way, you can store as many items as you want. Also, installing cabinets to the ceiling allow you to cover a significant space for storing purposes. 

Unappealing and Practical Style

The last but not the least sign to upgrade your cabinetry is when its style doesn’t complement and resonate with your home or lifestyle. Do remember that the kitchen is the heart of your home and needs to match the feel, tone, and style of your entire house. 

So, for instance, if you have a farmhouse-inspired interior and decor, you better need to design your kitchen in the same way. Look for chic wooden cabinets that have a natural wooden look. In other words, create an aesthetic and gorgeous feel with your cabinets as you have achieved in other rooms of your house. 

Bottom Line

You’ve been living with these outdated kitchen cabinets for too long, and the time has come to finally update them. It’s also important that you find a kitchen designer who will help you choose a layout that is right for your home, lifestyle, space limitations, etc. Walcraft Cabinetry can answer any questions about what kind of wood finishes are best or which cabinetry materials would work best for you.