Despite the fact that spring is already here, coronavirus has not yet allowed us to travel as much as we would otherwise. It has been a few weeks now that we are all day and all night long in our houses since the experts warn that this is the only way of eliminating the spread of this dangerous disease. Nevertheless, the best is yet to come. That is to say, the summer will arrive just on time but we should have bothered arranging our bookings beforehand. Do not forget of course that Greece hosts about twenty million tourists every year.

In other words, in a month or two the virus will have been controlled and all the stores and hotels will be open once again thanks God. So, you can make your arrangements in terms of restaurants, villas and clothes shopping. It is high time we stopped purchasing more and more goods from the local supermarket as if a war is due to occur and begin to care more about our fitness and mental well-being.

So, when the temperature goes up the thermometer, what could be best than a trip to the Mediterranean and more specifically in Greece? It goes without saying that this blessed and holy place has innumerable beauties and sites but here we will discuss what to do in Athens, Greece.


To begin with, paying a visit to Athens without passing by Syntagma, Monastiraki and Plaka is like eating food with no salt. In fact, that is where you will have the chance to admire ancient and neoclassical Greek architecture through the dozens well-maintained structures of that era. These regions will help you “taste” and “smell” the aura of long-standing Greece, the one everyone loves, admires and boasts about. In Syntagma, you cannot miss the houses of Parliament which were built a couple of centuries ago and of course do some shopping in Ermou street. 

Afterwards, you can go ahead with the areas of Plaka and Monastiraki. There you will have the chance to buy some souvenirs and take some great selfies by the local archaeological sites. Flea markets in the region are known all around the globe and you can find almost anything you can imagine-from antique statues to modern hats and dresses. However, if window shopping bores you to death, you could try local delicacies in the tavernas which can be found in every single alley. Apart from that, some huge and modern toy shops will attract your children’s attention.

After all, whether or not you enjoy such activities, there is always the alternative of a stroll in the fresh air of the pedestrianized streets. You will for sure adore the sense of freedom and carefreeness that only the atmosphere of Athens can offer to its visitors.


OK, I know for sure that you are aware of the Parthenon and the Acropolis as well as the Archaeological Museum of Athens. Besides, these landmarks can offer you a great “dose” of antiquities and ruins which is more than necessary if you are after getting to know with the glorious Greek history. Nonetheless, there is a whole new alternative that can transfer you to different worlds-the Museum of Illusions.

 It will definitely make you feel upside down and your inner self as being out. That is, through various kinds of mirrors and other techniques you forget about how things are in every day life. If you desire to live even for a while like a giant or a Lilliput that is the site for you. Each and every room is meant to be a whole different experience than the previous one and especially kids fall in love with it at first sight.

To put it shortly, Athens is full of mysteries and surprises but on one condition: you have to let yourself free to enjoy every single bit of them and explore. Otherwise, you are not about to discover anything new or exciting and you will find your family and yourself doing the same stuff every day. Boring, hah?