Important Beauty Tips For Ladies With Pale Skin


Do you have pale skin and don’t know how to apply your makeup? We have some nice tips for you, my ladies. I know that you might find it difficult to pick the right products for your skin. You want to enhance your facial features, but look fresh at the same time. Did you know that pale ladies should avoid black mascara at all costs? Read more about it, and check the other important tips as well!

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Find the right foundation shade

In this case, you can find the proper shade easily. But, not every brand out there offers a very light foundation. Try a few different brands, as sometimes the palest shade can be too dark for you. Sometimes, the foundation can oxidize when it reacts with your skin. It will result in a slightly darker foundation. If this happens, you can simply apply a primer before the foundation.


Be careful with contouring

When you have pale skin, you need to be really careful with contouring. It isn’t something that you should avoid, but keep in mind that you should be careful. Apply a little bit of light bronzer under the cheekbone and on the bridge of the nose. To enhance your cheeks, add blush too.


Right lipstick

Pale ladies should feel free to wear bright lipsticks. Red and pink shades are a good choice. If you were thinking about whether you should rock that beautiful coral shade, now is the right moment. When you wear bright lipsticks, keep the rest of the makeup simple. Stay away from nude lipsticks with a brown tone.


Eye makeup

When we talk about pale skin, you should be very careful with the eye makeup. Why? Because it won’t let you experiment too much with colors. Don’t use too many colors. You don’t have to avoid smokey eyes but go for lighter colors or less shadow. Light brown hues are good to go.

Another important thing about the eyes is to pick the proper mascara and eyeliner. It is recommended that pale ladies should use brown mascara and eyeliner. This will look way better than a deep black.


Use a high coverage concealer

When you have pale skin, all the imperfections are more visible. That’s why you need to get a concealer with good coverage. Get one that is matching your skin tone. You can also go for color correcting. Use a green corrector to cancel the redness before you apply the concealer.