The Most Important Product for Your Loving Pup


Avid animal lovers know that it’s difficult to keep track of the vast amount of items that you’ve collected for your dog’s safety and comfort. There are toys, treats, foods, dishes, and even clothes depending on the kind of weather you live in and the warmth your pup requires.It’s often a hassle to keep these things from dominating your home’s space, and even harder to travel with everything your dog needs. One of the most underrated and yet crucial items that people don’t realize is infinitely more important than all those trinkets and chew toys, though, is a dog bed.

Far from being a frivolous luxury, a dog bed can contribute to the health of your canine in numerous ways, and, when designed by experts like those at Mammoth Outlet, functions with the kind of practicality and basic, common sense that dog-owners love. This is because it’s made by dog owners and dog lovers, and recommended by vets and pet health professionals.

To find the best extra-large dog beds, don’t go to your nearest pet store and pick out the biggest product they have. Instead, search online to meet more of your pet’s needs. Big dogs often chew, rip, tear, and eat their favourite beds, meaning that you’re going to need something that it both very tough and durable, and also very safe in case of ingestion. Materials such as canvas and micro-fiber are crucial because they are built to last and provide comfort as well as stability.

Especially for bigger breeds, aging pets, or those with a genetic history of arthritis of hip dysplasia, specifically supportive cushioning in a bed is key. Orthopedic virgin high-memory foam relieves joint pressure, bounces back when pressed instead of gradually flattening out, and gives every dog the cozy feeling of a full-body hug.  

Another important thing to keep in mind is lots of dogs shed enormous amounts of hair. Anyone with a Golden Retriever or Bernese Mountain dog knows the seemingly endless feeling of cleaning up dog hair that manages to get into every nook and corner of a house. The best kind of dog bed is thus one that has a removable cover and can be thrown into the washer and dryer for a hassle-free cleaning.

Other options to consider include mildew-resistant, flea-resistant, and water-resistant beds — these qualities, which nearly all Mammoth Outlet beds feature, make your dog’s bed perfect to travel with, take to the beach house or cottage, and not worry about after a long day outdoors. It’s one less thing to have to pick over, hand-wash, or check on. These beds also come with a lifetime warranty, attesting to the durability of the fabric and the commitment of the manufacturers.

Ultimately, you are going to want the best dog bed possible for your pet. You want something that is comfortable and comes from a reputable company that prioritizes dogs. When a company shows how much they value their customers, they are confident in their products and their dedication to providing animals with comfort.