Important Things About Choosing Your Rustic Wedding Invitations


Your wedding is the most important day in your life. It is a day when you gather all your family and friends to celebrate love and happiness. With their presence, the guests show that they truly care. The wedding invitation is an introduction for the main event. We have rounded up a few things that you should have in mind when choosing the right rustic wedding invitation.

Determine the style

The wedding invitations should be done after determining the style and theme of the wedding. They should clearly match the idea of the whole event. Will it be elegant or casual? Modern or vintage? Country wedding invitations will be the best choice for a rustic wedding.  When you already have a clear idea of the colors and style, you can go to the next step- designing the invite. Luckily, Basic Invites is a website that allows you to select the color scheme from an unlimited choice of colors. The design can be also customized, so you are sure that you have the thing that you had in mind. The best thing is that you will get a sample before you place an order. That way, you will get to see how the print will exactly look like. You can also choose from 40 different envelope colors, so you get the best first impressions. 

Must haves

Keep in mind that the invitation should look warm and inviting. Every wedding invitation is different. You should always do it according to your wish. On the other hand, there are a few points that are a must. The goal of the invitation is to be informative. You need to place information in a clear and transparent way.

  • Time,date and place. The most important information should be clear and concise.
  • Who is invited. You don’t need to send an invitation to each guest. Check your guest list and see how many households are there. You can send one invitation for the household that is addressed to the family name. Couples get one invitation with both their names. You usually hand this to the person that you are closer with.
  • Dress code. If you have determined a specific dress code, inform your guests about it. It is okay if you have planned a themed party, and your guests need to know it ahead so they can get prepared.
  • Details. If you have some additional info for your guests, feel free to say it. You can even create a web page for your wedding, where your guests will get updates and photos. You can do it with the Free Wedding Websites from Basic Invite. You can upload your wedding details, location, and get to customize your page to match the style of your wedding.

Choose words

The invitation should sound warm and inviting. On the other hand, you need to clearly state some things so it would not lead to confusions. It should be clear and concise. Do not overcrowd your wedding invitation. Try not to place too much info as it might be confusing. A spellcheck and grammar check are a must.