Important Things You Should Know About Commercial Landscaping


A well-designed landscape provides your house with an extraordinary look. The same applies to a business. Taking good care of your landscape will make your outdoor business space more attractive and professional. However, unlike private landscapes, commercial ones need a lot of care and maintenance. It’s not only about planting trees and plants, it’s about establishing a message and a purpose that this landscape will deliver to people. 

A freshly mowed lawn provides a feeling of relaxation and comfort, and for a business, it will reflect how professional your business is. It can also make others interested in working with you. How you take care of your commercial landscape represents how you take care of your employees and work in general, which is why it’s essential to keep it well maintained all the time. Here are some important things you should know about your commercial landscape. 

Consider Your Location 

Before you start preparing the soil and choosing the plants and shrubs for your commercial landscape, you should put your location into consideration. Not all soil types and plants are compatible with every area. Some do well in hot weather while others grow better in cold areas. If you don’t want to keep changing the soil every season and deal with dead leaves throughout the year, you should pick the right soil for your location and the right plants based on the direction of the sun. 


There are many types of commercial landscapes that you can choose from. Some of them depend on the place and space you have, but mainly they depend on the type of maintenance service you can go with. Some types of plants, trees, and shrubs require constant maintenance, while others only need once or twice a year. Based on an article on Neave Commercial landscaping, it’s better to hire the same landscaper to design and maintain your landscape. The one you choose to design and plant your landscape will know how to take care of it, and they will want to ensure that it always looks fresh and clean. 

Lawn Mowing 

Regular mowing is crucial to your business image. A place that has uneven grass usually gives the message that this business doesn’t pay attention to details. If you’re not sure how often you’ll be able to keep it maintained, it’s better to choose a landscape with lawn maintenance and doesn’t require regular mowing. However, whatever type you select, you need to ensure that the grass doesn’t grow longer than two inches and that’s all the same height. To keep its attractiveness, cut it when it is only higher than two inches, because anything less will make the grass look damaged and you’ll be able to see the soil. 

Price vs Quality 

When finding a landscape maintenance company, there are factors to consider more than the price. First, you have to know that not all high-priced services deliver the best quality. Prices vary from one place to another, and just because a certain company has the highest price doesn’t mean that it’s the best. Some companies are experienced in a certain aspect, such as designing the landscape, while others are experts in maintaining it. So before you go ahead and select a company for your commercial landscape, make sure that you check their previous work, read reviews, and ask about their long-term deal. It’s preferable to choose the one that offers all the services so you don’t have to deal with more than one company for your landscape. 

Choose Your Plants Wisely 

Just as we mentioned before, your landscape delivers a message. Not only to potential business partners but also to your employees. When finding the right design and plants for your landscape you have to keep in mind how it will look and feel. You need your business to feel safe for everyone. Safety is an essential aspect for any company to ensure the well-being of your customers, potential partners, and employees. To deliver the safety message through your landscape, you have to avoid any tall trees and shrubs as they can block lighting, which can be uncomfortable at night. They can also create a blind spot and increase the risk of theft. 

Another important aspect that you need to pay attention to is the complementary plants. After carefully choosing the plants you want in your landscape, you should start considering plants that make your business feel alive. Plants flowers and plants that have the same color as your logo, or draw your logo with plants in visible areas in your landscape. By doing this, you’re giving the feeling that you’re paying attention to every little detail and that your landscape is a part of your business. 

Pay attention To Sprinklers 

The landscaper you’re going to hire will bring dead areas into life and will plant trees and grass all over your landscape. They will also be responsible for maintaining them and mowing the lawn whenever necessary. However, when it comes to keeping them alive, it’s on you. The sprinkler system you install will play a very important party in how your landscape will look. You will need to consult a professional to understand how and where the sprinklers should be installed to ensure that they cover the whole area. You will also know how often they will work and how much water they need every day because the lawn must always be moist to give that fresh feel to anyone who sees it. 

Commercial landscapes are harder to design and maintain when compared to private ones. There are a lot of elements that need to be kept into consideration. You need to ensure that the design fits your type of business, an endless variety of plants to choose from, regular maintenance is required, and many other details. While all of that can be solved by hiring a landscaper, finding the right one might not be easy as you have to make sure that they will provide you with all the services that you might want for your landscape and will keep up with the maintenance.