Important Tips For Applying Your Makeup Primer


Do you need some helpful tips for applying your makeup primer? We have some to share with you. A primer will be the perfect base for applying your makeup. Not many are aware of the power of this simple product. After reading our tips, you won’t skip on the primer for your special makeup looks.

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There are different types of primers on the market. And each one offers different benefits for you. Some are made to keep your skin matte, some will make it smooth and poreless, or even give your skin a nice radiant glow. Each one has a different formula and you should pick according to your skin type and needs.


Know your skin type

As with every other product, you should choose the one that suits your skin type. If you have dry skin get rich and hydrating formula. For dull complexion, it is good that you get a luminizing primer that will make your skin glow. Ladies with oily skin should pick mattifying formulas to make sure that their foundation will stay intact. If you have redness, get a color correcting primer with a green tone. Keep in mind that silicone-based primers can clog the pores. It is better to go for water-based formulas if you have oily or combination skin.


When to apply

Knowing when to apply your primer is very important. Pros would advise you to apply it right after your moisturizer. It will create a barrier on the skin, allowing you to apply the other makeup products effortlessly. Make sure that you start with clean skin.


How to use your primer

Apply with your fingers, starting from the center outwards. A small drop will be fine. Blend well and leave it to be absorbed. Wait for a few minutes before you go on to the foundation.


Get special primers

If you are into primers, you will know that there are different types. If you aren’t, know that you can find eyeshadow primers and lip primers too. If you want your eyeshadow to stay on for longer, apply a special primer. It is denser and will make the colors look more intense.

Now when you know everything about primers, it is up to you to implement this amazing product in your routine. I know, you might not have enough time to use it on a daily basis. However, use it for special occasions or when you do heavier makeup. It will make the foundation last longer, and your skin will look smoother.