Impress Potential Home Buyers by Preparing a Stunning Front Garden Design


Your front garden is the visible image you portray to your neighbours, friends, family … in fact just about anyone walking down the street. Therefore, it’s perfectly natural that you’d want to impress and as such a great idea to keep this area looking tidy, organised and beautiful.

When it comes to selling your property, your front garden is the first impression you impart to potential home buyers. It can either leave a bitter taste in their mouth or leave them salivating for more, for the wonders of what lies in store inside your house.

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Whether you’ve already got the semblance of an exquisite front yard or you need an entire makeover, there are plenty of online garden design resources to help you get started, which lay out in simple terms some inspirational ideas and things like how to landscape your front yard, how to create an edible garden, helpful videos and more.

The first step is incredibly important and fun. Basically, it involves planning your outdoor living space. It’s about finding that balance between style and substance, form and function. For example, you might come up with an ingenious and stylish landscaping idea but it’ll all be moot if you cut off accessibility to your home.

Thinking about the basics of your front garden means considering some of the following factors that can substantially improve the aesthetic appearance of your front yard:


It’s important to weigh up just how colourful you’d like the area to be. Some people like bold, striking colours that contrast with their house colour. Others like understated pastel colours that always seems to just work. Of course it’s entirely up to you as you’re in control. Just make sure you’re consistent.

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A few well thought out colours can work wonders; the combination of the grasses here with the pink flowers is great.


Landscaping can mean as little as implementing a small shrub border to accentuate your walkway or as much as extending your front balcony. Work out a flow that works for you and try to choose plants, colours and accessories that get you closer to achieving this goal.

Types of plants

We’ve already touched upon landscaping and colour so keep these in mind when choosing types of plants. Trees, shrubs and ground cover are great, low maintenance options. Just be aware of size and how plants can change rapidly over time. Also, think about different ways to plant them. Some hanging baskets or raised garden beds usually look great.


Pretty much every front garden will feature a walkway of some kind from the pavement to the front door, often the centrepiece. Consider the types of walkway, from slate blocks to solid brick. Helpful tip: a curved walkway plays a bit of an optical effect by making it seem like there’s more space.

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A curved walkway can be a great addition to a front garden

Borders and fences

Using plants or little lattice fences can bring an ordinary walkway to life and can give off an important and neat outline to your yard. Then you have fences to worry about. It’s all very well creating a beautiful front garden but if the two fences that separate you from your neighbours are ratty and rundown, it’ll detract from the whole look. Luckily, you can often spruce up these dividers with a bit of paint or a few plants to hide the deteriorating nature of the fence itself.


There are many ways to transform a front yard, no matter how constricted the space. A fountain or water feature is a sure fire winner, but a bench or a few bunched pots (barrels or innovative coloured pots work well) can go a long way. Another type of artwork is a small, accent tree. Situated in the right place and a Japanese maple or Korean dogwood will look divine.

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This old chest of drawers looks fabulous as a now-converted place for your plants

Our final piece of advice is to walk around the block and see what neighbours have done. Not only will this give you inspiration but you’ll be able to work out the type of designs that fit with the neighbourhood too.

So get thinking and, before you know it, you’ll have transformed your front yard area into a stunning oasis. You’ll be amazed by how much difference some TLC can make, both to you and to potential home buyers. It might even make a difference come auction time!