Improve and Update the Look of Your Home


The rage nowadays when it comes to interior design is a contemporary styled home. People are striving to change and update their home decor to successfully achieve a more modern look.

You can also get a sleeker and modern looking home when you follow these simple tips:

  • Buy statement furniture. Nothing beats being unique. Get yourself some statement furniture. Buy something that pops and those that will give an aesthetic flair to your home. Buy different shades of ceramic lamps or you can also purchase different throw rugs. Mosaics are also popular nowadays.  You can also do a little DIY to create your own statement furniture.
  • Add abstract art and modern home decor. Abstract art is now synonymous with being “contemporary”. People are buying geometric patterned artworks or colour splashed canvasses. These will surely enliven your space. You can also decide to buy new throw pillows, linens and bed sheets. Pick out those featuring a more contemporary design.
  • Maximise your furniture. Instead of having a separate area to place your office desk, look for a wall desk. This way, you can stow away your desk by folding it to the wall, giving you a cleaner and sleeker looking space. Consider installing shelves that are tall in height but require only a small area to occupy. You can also purchase a vertical bed. This is a bed that you can pull out and hide in your wall. Now, you don’t have to worry about lacking some elbow room. You also have the option to add a corner sofa bed. Choose a leather base for your sofa bed so that it can aid in making your home appear current. It will also make your home look sophisticated and classy.  
  • Change your wall colours. Use neutral colours but also add in bold splashes of colour. In a four-wall room, you can paint three of the walls in neutral shades but paint the last one with a strong colour like bright red or electric blue. You can also buy modern wallpaper with geometric, honeycomb, or trellis patterns.  This will make your job easier. Another thing you can do is pick neutral wall colours and let your home decor add accents. Pick out statement pieces that have bold colours. Don’t forget to make these loud colours blend well. Too many colours will be overkill.
  • Install glass. Glass makes your home feel more open, letting natural light filter in. It will enable you to seamlessly connect different parts of your home.
  • Installing floor-to-ceiling windows. These will optimise your living space and will help achieve that modern look you are after. Floor-to-ceiling windows also allow you to connect your home to the outside world. You just have to harmonise and choose home decor that easily balances with the outdoors. Remember to also take the time to carefully position your furniture that best complements the outside world, so you can get the best view possible. This adds appeal to your home, making it an ideal lounging and relaxation area.

These tips will completely transform your home and its overall ambience.