Improve the face value of your home with these five projects!


While most of us would agree that the location of a property is something that affects the value of the property, there are a few other things that are considered when evaluating a property. These things, when ignored or overlooked, tend to drag the value down by a large margin.

To be specific, these are the factors that would contribute to the face value you your home. While it is true that not much can be done about the location of your property, certain tweaks can ensure you get the maximum possible value for it when you sell.

When it comes to face value, the minute details matter. Here is how you can improve on the face value of your property:

Get rid of the clutter

Clutter brings negativity in your life. However, the effects of clutter are not limited to your head as it compromises with the face value of your property.

Get rid of anything you do not need. When you think about it, you will find a number a things you don’t need but can still sell, which will help you cover the costs of renovations.  It can be your old lawn mower, or an oven that works fine but might be outdated, basically anything that can potentially fall under the category of clutter.

Repair Damages and renovate areas that need it

Before making any cosmetic changes to your property, it is imperative that you fix any kind of damages that your property might have sustained over the years. Damages such as broken tiles, rotting timber, bowing walls, cracks on walls, unstable chimney stack, leaking roof or a rising damp.

The repairs usually end up to be the most expensive part of a renovation project. Coincidentally, these are also the most important part the renovation project, especially if you are looking to sell your property. If damages are not fixed, the quote you receive from the property evaluator would be much less impressive.

If you are unsure as to which repair jobs come under the category of structural repairs, consult a surveyor or a builder.

Cosmetic repairs: beautifying your property

Finally, time for some cosmetic repairs. These are the visible changes that the buyer would notice first.

Cosmetic repairs include painting, bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, repainting of interiors and exteriors, and a complete cleanup of the garden areas. A lot of these projects require a substantial investment, so if you cannot afford to do all of them at once, tackle them one by one.

For instance, painters in Auckland are not always cheap. However, if you find someone reliable, money should not be a matter of concern.


Before finishing up, we would like to remind the readers that the most important consideration while doing such projects is how much value they add to your home, and how that value fares up to the investment you make. You will find certain projects don’t add much value, are expensive, but would degrade a lot of value in your home if left undone.

The most important thing is who you work with. Be very choosy, as a lot of money is involved in these projects. Moreover, in house projects involve strangers coming inside your home, for maximum safety, it is best to work with a local business.