Improve Your Style With These Simple Tips


Are you looking for ways to improve your style? We have some simple tips that will help you. We know that style isn’t about owning a ton of expensive clothes, but more about how you wear them. Your ability to pick the right clothes is so important. There are a few tricks that you should know. Well-dressed people always pay attention to some small details too look perfect. And you need to know a few things when doing this. Read on and find out more!

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Right top length

One thing that might be a problem for many is the top length. Too long and wide tops might make you look frumpy. Also, always adjust the top length to the waist height. Don’t wear too long tops with high waisted bottoms, as it will give you volume in the middle area.


Dress according to body shape

Being well-dressed means that you should pick clothes that flatter your body shape. When you wear something flowy and wide, add a belt. It will define the waist and emphasize your figure. If you have a heavier top part of the body, avoid wearing too skinny bottoms. This will make the top even larger than it really is.


Monochromatic look

Wearing the same color from head to toe is a stylish trick. It will visually elongate your silhouette. When you wear two different colors, the change in the middle can make you appear wider. A black top with a black bottom will flatter your figure perfectly. If you don’t like to end up with a boring look, you can always break it down with some pops of color. Wear red or leopard shoes to add a bit of cheekiness to your outfit.


Wear pointed toe shoes

If you want to look put together on a daily basis, wear pointed shoes. You really don’t have to wear heels if you don’t feel comfortable with them. Pointed toe flats can be a great choice too. Also, make sure that you keep the shoes in shape. Maintain them according to the instructions on the box. Don’t forget that clean and well maintained shoes look expensive.

Get a lint roller

This is a very cheap but effective hack. We hate the fact that lint is so visible on dark clothes. And it can make your whole outfit look so cheap. Buy a cheap lint roller to remove the lint from pants, coats, and blazers. A quick rolling will remove the ugly lint and make you look so stylish and expensive.