India’s Top 6 Leading Ayurveda Destinations


For years and years, the people of India have been relying on the holistic and traditional system known as Ayurveda for both relaxation and healing. Often regarded as one of the world’s oldest health care systems, the practice of Ayurveda allows participants and patients to attain balance and wellbeing. This is done through various techniques such as massages, custom oil treatments and an array of other methods of care.

These days, people travel across the globe in search of Ayurveda retreats and holidays. Although there is a retreat for every person and budget, the best ayurvedic retreats and treatments are still found in India. To help you pick the best one for you, here are India’s 6 leading Ayurveda destinations:


In Kerala, you will find the world’s most popular Ayurvedic resort, Somatheeram. The Ayurvedic resort Somatheeram is touted as the globe’s first Ayurvedic resort. As such, it is often a must-visit resort for those looking to expand their interest in the Ayurvedic arts. At Somatheeram, luxury is a priority with private villas available alongside a roster of treatments of high-quality treatments and classes from trained professionals. Ayurveda retreat kerala is something that you shouldn’t miss.


One of the best Aryuvedic resorts in India’s Uttarakhand region is Ananda, situated in the Himalayas. This resort concentrates on blending both Ayurveda and Aromatherapy with the modern spa experience for complete body wellness.


One of the most popular Aryuveda resorts in Goa is the Ayurveda and Nature Cure Centre. When people travel to Goa, most do so because of the presence of beaches and nightlife. However, for those looking for a bit of relaxation and holistic living, there is nowhere better than the Nature Cure Center if you are looking for affordable Ayurveda retreats in India.


Udaipur is known as the beautiful city of palaces, castles, grand forts and majestic lakes. It is also the home of The Leela, which is one of the best Indian hotspots for anyone looking for an Ayurvedic retreat. As one of the most visited Ayurveda destinations, The Leela has racked up a reputation for both great treatment and service.


The Ashok Country Resort located in New Delhi offers visitors an array of Ayurvedic treatments. It is characterized by a luxurious spa and natural remedies that are derived from herbal plants, which is an Ayurveda tradition that dates back centuries.


Ananda in the Himalayas is one of the world’s premier Ayurveda resorts. Lodged in the foothills of Rishikesh, it is billed as one of the best-rated luxury wellness retreats in India. This resort integrates yoga, Vendanta and traditional Ayurveda with fitness, wellness and a healthy organic cuisine.