Indicators That Tell a Relationship Could Turn Violent 


Most relationships are not necessarily abusive or violent when they start. And most friendly relationships never become abusive at all, but tragically many do. 

Is there an approach to tell from the get-go in the relationship if it may some time or another turn abusively violent? Are there signs that can anticipate if a relationship that starts upbeat and healthy ends up being nasty and violent? 

Throughout the years, scientists have attempted to figure out what variables and practices displayed early in a relationship may have been a sign of inconvenience later on. Different examinations have distinguished a few parts of interpersonal relationships that seem to anticipate future violence.

And, indeed, notably, liquor and substance misuse can play a key role in whether a relationship turns abusive or not. 

Warning signs that could Predict a Violent Relationship Later 

Of course, some signs could tell a relationship is going on the verge.

  • Liquor and Marital Violence 

One recent study, known as The Buffalo Newlywed Study, observed the abusive relationships caused by spouse violence, marital clash, and the couple’s drinking style in the initial three years of marriage. 

Alcohol and marital violence are somehow interlinked. They need to be closely checked by the love birds.

  • Couples Who Argue During the First Year 

Couples who contend a great deal during their first year of marriage are bound to have violence emit in later years if the husband is a heavy drinker and the wife isn’t, the professionals observed. Sometimes the police have to arrest the husband for this act of violence because of drinking heavily. 

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The researchers investigated that violence in the very first year of marriage anticipated whether more violence would happen in the following two years. 

  • Arguing About Drinking Heavy Alcohol

Even though when no violence happened in the primary year, how much the couple exchanged harsh words would tell the degree of violence in future years. Violence was additionally bound to occur throughout the marriage when couples exchanged harsh and abusive words. 

How much the husband drank before marriage also influenced whether violence would happen in the main year of marriage. But, the quantity both the couple drank during the principal year anticipated violence in the second and third year. 

  • Clashes in the Relationship 

These wrong drinking examples probably lead to strife in the marriage. The conflict might be over the drinking itself or issues related to the drinking, for instance, headaches, loss of employment, legal issues. 

But couples who once in a while debated or had a verbal clash in the primary year of marriage, were considerably less prone to have violence in later years, regardless of whether the husband was drinking or not. 

  • Mate Retention Behaviors 

A development of three examinations at Florida Atlantic University concentrated on strategies utilized by men to proceed and ensure their relationships, acts called “mate retention behaviors.” 

The investigations found that some of those behaviors could be a forerunner of threat and sign a plausibility of future valence. 

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