Infiniti and Renault F1 Finish Prototype of Dual-Hybrid Powertrain


Infiniti has been in the works on an all-new Project Black S prototype purposed for high-performance hybrid action. In order to supply this new vehicle with the best possible build, Infiniti has entrusted the Renault F1 team with designing and engineering a first-ever dual-hybrid powertrain throughout an extended collaboration. With the exciting developments and releases over the past couple of years, the Renault F1 team has finished production of a prototype bringing their hard work to the next testing phase.


The Q60 Project Black S is an all-new design from Infiniti that offers an incredibly high-performance vehicle integrating the concepts and technology seen in top Formula One racing vehicles. To bring this design concept to life, Infiniti has been working in collaboration with the well known Renault F1 team to design a never-before-seen fully functional high-performance dual-hybrid powertrain. As hybrid engines have steadily improved in power and capability since the large scale integration in modern vehicles over the year, Infiniti and Renault look to take the next step in producing a track-ready powerhouse with the Project Black S. The results of the prototype testing are hitting an exciting point, marking the accomplishments so far within the hard work of this collaborative effort.

The quick progression of research is thanks to the dedicated, fast-paced design and engineer teams working and testing in rapid succession to test the overall applicability and performance of the dual-hybrid functionality. A gasoline engine alone creates a substantial amount of lost-potential, due to the heat and kinetic energy generated from friction and combustion within the engine. The ingenuity of the dual hybrid system looks to transform excess and lost energy produced during deceleration/braking as well as during acceleration. The base VR30 twin-turbo V6 engine will push out gasoline-powered performance while an MGU-H and MGU-K look to harvest excess heat and kinetic energy from the powertrain. Our technical contact at Pearson Infiniti of Midlothian, NY explains that the collaboration between both Renault and Infiniti has brought in new development processes and specialized focus leading to the exciting development of this advanced dual-hybrid system.

“Working with Renault F1 Team has opened our eyes to new ways of working. Outside of the traditional process in which we engineer cars and technologies, this collaboration has shown us what can be achieved with a small, dedicated team. We will learn from this to enhance the way we create other cars in future.” Stated by Mike Colleran from Infiniti commenting on this design process.

As of now, Infiniti has been pushing this new Project Black S prototype to its limits with the combined experiences of track and road driving. The dual-hybrid powertrain provides power readily when most optimal to be applied, providing a concise distribution during acceleration periods and maintaining energy management through turns and points of deceleration. The system overall is flexible, allowing the driver to choose between Road, Quali and Race modes to be able to effectively distribute and apply power as the driver sees fit. With the exciting announcement that the Renault F1 team and Infiniti have created a fully functional prototype, we look towards the decision on the production potential of the Project Black S by the end of 2019.