Inspiring Bathroom Ideas for a Stunning Bathroom


Your bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in your home. Its comfort and convenience have a serious impact on your life. That’s why you should consider redecorating and renovating your bathroom over a guest room that is rarely used. One of the simplest changes you can make would be to bring in contemporary bathroom decorations and furniture. But what constitutes contemporary bathroom furniture? 


Built-In Shelves/Walls 

Built-in shelves and half-walls have become commonplace in modern bathrooms. One reason is that they allow you to use them as storage without being as obtrusive as a rack of shelves. The other is that they can double as supports for those who need help getting up out of the tub or off the toilet. It isn’t as obvious as a grab-bar for the disabled, and it remains attractive and useful for subsequent home buyers. Half walls have the side benefit of preserving privacy while improving air flow around the toilet and allowing someone to assist the person in the bathroom without being directly in front of them. 

Fitted Bathroom Vanities 

Sinks have been built into vanities for decades. We’re seeing a shift to fitted bathroom vanities. One reason for this shift is that you can fit vanities around wall-mounted toilets and sinks. That maximizes the amount of storage you have in the bathroom. It even takes advantage of space above and around the toilet that otherwise goes to waste. These vanities also hide the plumbing pipes and sink stands. Furthermore, they’re versatile. You can have a fitted bathroom vanity put in around a freestanding sink or a wall-mounted one. Now the trash bucket, laundry basket or cosmetics stored under the sink are hidden, and you get more usable storage due to the slide-out drawers. 

Free-Standing Vanities and Shelves 

Freestanding vanities and shelving provide much-needed storage. The biggest benefit of this bathroom storage option is that it is mobile. You can buy it, put it in the bathroom and start using it. If you decide to move it to the hallway or the other bathroom, you have that option. Note that it isn’t an either/or discussion when it comes to freestanding and built-in vanities. You can actually buy sets of matching built-in and freestanding vanities. Then the small vanity in the corner matches the vanity under or next to the sink. This is certainly a more stylish option than installing an expensive under-the-sink vanity while setting up hanging baskets or wire metal shelves in the corner. 

Freestanding vanities can also complement corner sink vanities, such as when you have the corner sink vanity on one side of the room and a free standing vanity in the other. Or combine it with a tall-boy storage system that does far more than shelving. 

The Medicine Cabinet 

The medicine cabinet doesn’t have to be a dull metal box affixed to the wall. That’s actually why so many are hidden behind mirrors. You can also have a medicine cabinet/wall-mounted storage unit that matches the vanity and other furniture in the room.