Instagram bots: what are they needed for


Instagram has become an integral part of people’s daily lives of differing ages, with completely differing hobbies, from many countries and cities of our world. In most cases, an Instagram active user is interested in attracting as many followers as possible to his/her account. But collecting a huge number of followers can take a long time because you need to focus on your content and work on the account daily. For easier and faster promotion various Instagram bots were created.


What are bots, and for what do we need them?

So, what are bots, and for what were they developed? Many Internet users want to gain a large number of followers and become popular, especially on Instagram. In this network, the popularity is directly associated with the number of followers and with the number of “Likes” under the posts. To cheat followers is the main purpose of Instagram Bots, and the reason they were developed.

‘Empty’ accounts and the purpose of their development. Bots are programs that simulate the activity of a real person in social networks. In other words, Instagram bot is an “empty” account that follow other users. Following isn’t the only feature of an Instagram Bot, it likes users’ posts as well. And today many Bots have scheduled posting which allows your photos to be published exactly on date and time you need this.


  • to gain as many followers as possible
  • to attract users’ attention to your Instagram account
  • for more active photo & video liking
  • for making money: the more people follow the account , the more likely the page will be chosen as an advertising promoter

Most people don’t key into and don’t track all the peculiarities of a profile managing. The probability that a person will subscribe to an account with a large number of followers is much higher than following an account with a lower number of subscribers. In simple words, an Instagram user will subscribe to an account with 100,000 subscribers faster than with 1,000. And advertisers will prefer to make a deal with more promoted account with the widest audience reach. In this case, advertisers don’t delve into the aspect that most of a potential promoter’s followers may not be real.

What is the difference between Bots on Instagram and real followers?

This question will be relevant for those who want to understand all Ins and Outs of cheat followers and maintain the quality of their content.

Bot for Instagram and its difference from live accounts. The main difference between an artificial account and real one is the first is not able to be active in the social network without a preset algorithm of actions and tasks. And real followers will push the “Like” button under a post only when they want it, likes and subscriptions in the case of real users come at different time and depend on the desire of the people themselves.

In order for artificial profiles to start performing the task, you should firstly find the special services for cheat likes & followers with a request to increase the number of subscribers or likes. After that Bots start to follow and put “hearts” under video & photo publications of various users, as a result, promoting your account.The real account is active only when its real owner commit those or other manipulation from his/her profile.

In addition to the frequency of activity, there are three distinctive details, which in most cases indicate that the account is an Instagram bot:

  • No avatar. In the work of “auto sign-up” the choice and attachment of the main photo to the bot is one of the most difficult moments. After all, at this very stage, auto sign up bots often hang up. It is worth noting that the absence of the main photo can’t guarantee that the page is fake, as some people just do not want to upload avatars. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to other details.
  • The almost complete absence of publications or small amount of photos and video posts out to the fact that for auto sign up bots this is extremely difficult to upload photos and videos from fake pages, it is a very time-consuming process. As a result there can be from 0 to 5 publications on the fake accounts.

Remember that a real person can simply not show a high level of activity in social networks and do not publish a lot of posts, so you need to get acquainted with another detail and evaluate another users’ accounts, taking into account all three criteria.

  • Massfollowing – the main purpose of Instagram Bots is to follow as many accounts as possible. For instance, if the user has 3459 following, but 0 followers, in this case, most likely, this page is a bot.

NB! Some real Instagram users don’t want to upload avatars or post anything all the time. Therefore, it can never be said with accuracy that a particular account is a bot.

For whom and when cheat likes & followers can be useful? The question is often asked by active Instagram users. The use of cheat Instagram bots is a hot question of when and how they can be used, and it still remains open.

Potential users of Instagram bots, and periods when cheating is most relevant

A lot of people want to have as many followers as possible and increase their popularity by getting thousands of “Likes” under the posts.

For whom & when:

  • Brand new businesses.  For a new account on a popular platform it can be difficult to get a large number of followers in a short time. In this case, brand holders have recourse to bots that are able to cheat followers, leave comments and push “Like” button under the publications of real people. As a result the users’ interest increases, more people visit the account and view its contents. In this case, brands need to work well on the offered content and maintain continuous activity. The more popular the account is, the more new followers you can get. Thus, you can perfectly promote your own business.
  • Instagram Bots can be useful for those people who just want to raise the level of popularity on the Internet.

Pros & Cons

At the very beginning of using bots, it is necessary to learn about them as much as possible, weigh all the pluses and minuses.

The strengths and weaknesses of cheating should be taken into account to make a decision. Here are some pros of such promotion of your Instagram account:

  • Price  – Instagram bot is one of the cheapest ways for promotion in the network market, which allows you to use this method in a limited budget;
  • relatively high level of efficiency;
  • high followers & likes cheat speed.


  • in the course of using a service provided by a low-quality bot program, it is likely to subscribe to spam accounts;
  • there are limits on bots – their number should not exceed half of all subscribers;
  • excessive use of bot-cheat may result in blocking the account. That’s why choose only proved services.


Where is a demand, there is an offer, and as a result, price. It is almost impossible to use Instagram Bots for free upon condition that quality will be high and without risk, so the question of the price remains open.

NB! Don’t use free Instagram Bots, it is better to pay for trusted sources and get a good result.

Account ban

Due to popularity of Instagram Bots and the amount of people using these services, many accounts can be blocked by Instagram developers because of overactivity which make your account smells fishy. In order to avoid such a fate, you need to be made aware of this risk in detail.

Ban is quite possible when using Instagram bots. You should choose a quality application that ensures operation without exceeding the network limits and will be able to protect your account from getting into the ban. Instagram bot is a good thing. But remember, to attract your followers attention will help high–quality and interesting content.

How to track bots

Tracking bots is as important as using them correctly. To track them you need to be careful. Massfollowers who don’t “Like” your posts are most likely bots. As was mentioned above, in combination with 3 points, the lack of ‘Likes” will be a true indicator of a fake user.

How to remove bots

Many people after some time of use decide to remove the cheat program, but do not always know how to do this.

With a small number of bots (up to 100), they can be removed manually. This should be done in portions by blocking. If the profile is just full of fakes, you should install a special app, which will unsubscribe from all unnecessary accounts.

Instagram bots can help in getting followers at the very beginning of any business, brand, or just to gain more subscribers to increase popularity. When working with such systems, you need to be careful and do not forget about the limits.