Installing an Air Switch – Is it worth it?


You may be considering installing an air switch or you may simply be wondering what one is. It certainly isn’t a switch to turn the air supply on and off to your home; although this could be an option in the future!

An air switch is an alternative to the standard electrical wall switch for your garbage disposal unit. Although technically this type of switch could be used for many other applications.

It is worth noting that the air switch does not use electricity but the garbage disposal unit still does. For this reason it’s a good idea to contact your local electrician in Sydney or wherever you live and make sure the wiring is completed properly.

Considering the waste disposal unit is next to water you want to know it’s installed properly; this will minimize the risk of nasty shocks.


How The Air Switch Works

Your garbage disposal unit will need to be wired into a control unit. This is then wired to the mains and plugged in as normal.

The control unit will also be attached to a push button which can be positioned virtually anywhere in your kitchen. The two are connected via a pipe. When you push the button it sends a pulse of air down the pipe and into the control box. This triggers it to turn on and starts the garbage disposal unit.

The Benefits


I’ve mentioned the garbage disposal unit but this type of switch is actually great for any environment where water could be introduced to an electrical circuit via wet hands. Consider your hot tub or even your immersion heater, bathroom fire or light switch.

All are supposed to be far enough from your water to avoid presenting a risk of electric shock. However, if you don’t dry your hands any of these switches could give you a nasty shock.

The air switch avoids this issue.

Easy access

Frequently items that use water and need to be plugged in have switches that are not easy to get to. This reduces the likelihood of having wet hands but doesn’t make it easy to operate them. However, the air switch and air button can be positioned virtually anywhere safely.

This means it can be right to hand when you need it; whether you fit it to the counter top or the wall.


You can purchase the air buttons in a huge array of styles; meaning you’re guaranteed to find one that will go with your current décor or your future set up.


As always there are a couple of points that are worth noting.

Powerful detergents

If you use powerful detergents to keep your countertops and walls clean you may find that they damage the finish of your air switch; proceed with caution!


You should also be aware that the air switch and button are a more expensive option than the standard wall switch approach. This is why you don’t see more of them at the moment.

However, the cost is worth it for your safety and the safety of your family.