Installing Security Shutters On Your Home


Security shutters are increasingly popular with commercial property owners, as well as with landlords that want to protect valuable assets. Whether you live in a multi-occupancy building or have your own building and property, the installation of roller shutters, window grilles, or any other metal security grille can greatly improve the security level of your property but you will need to find ways in which you can install them without detracting from how great looking the exterior of your property is.

Security Shutter Choice

When most people think of security shutter doors and security grilles, they think of the rusty and run down rollers on shop fronts, but there is a huge range of shutters and doors available. Avoid choosing those that are designed for industrial use and, instead, choose models and variants that are meant specifically for home use.

Even if you are buying for the communal areas of multi-occupancy buildings, the residents and tenants will want good quality shutters, and it is always easier to hide better quality shutters. Plain white rollers and finished shutters can be turned into a feature in themselves, but this will require effective accessorising as well as the right choice of product.

White shutters are easier to turn into a feature and use as part of your landscape design.

Internal Or External Shutters

External shutters do not detract from the view within the property. With bungalows, the hood of the roller blind can even be hidden under the soffit which means that the finished and installed shutters will be even more difficult to notice, especially when they are retracted.

Internal shutters offer greater convenience for mechanical operation. You don’t need to head outside last thing at night in order to extend the rollers. Many shutters and doors offer electrical or even automated operation, and they can even be incorporated into a home automation system.  However, interior shutters can detract from the aesthetic appeal of the property interior, so external models are usually fitted to residential properties, except on garages and other external buildings.

Automated shutters can be incorporated into a home automation system, which can offer even greater levels of security to your home.


Maintaining the shutters and grilles on your home is not only important to ensure that the security levels they offer are retained, but also to prevent rusting and to prevent the shutters from looking badly damaged and old. Regular maintenance contracts mean that a professional maintenance service will come to your property, inspect your grilles and shutters, and make any necessary repairs.

There are some elements of security shutter maintenance that you can undertake yourself. Clean and paint the shutters regularly, be careful of causing damage during very cold weather, and also ensure that they have been professionally maintained at regular intervals.

Painting shutters not only improves their ability to provide a secure environment but can also improve the look once installed.

Gardening And Landscaping

Shutters and shutter windows can be added to any window, door, or other potential entry point but are most commonly used on the ground floor. It can be very difficult to hide or complement those used on upper levels, but you can use intelligent and attractive planting, as well as efficient garden design, to better hide the metal shutters that you have in your property. With that said, covering the shutters with large shrubs and bushes is impractical because it means that you will block light and it will prevent you from seeing out.

If you want the additional security of shutters and grilles added to your property, consider the design and aesthetic qualities of different types of shutter, and ensure that they are regularly maintained.