Installing a Shower in 4 Easy Steps


Shower or bathroom in this context is a place in the house that should be comfy and relaxing. From the décor to the water pipes and bath tubs – everything is included. An ideal bathroom works on water drainage. Shower pan among other bathroom installations are projects that involve a plumber and with some basic tools for plumbing repairs. Miscalculations occur on where to position a shower base correctly over the drain. therefore to have your shower installed you need to consult on plumbing installation guidelines and the right bathroom fittings to use. This project requires proper planning for smooth, easy going and problem free shower installation.

Let us consider bathroom refurbishment. when planning for shower installation You may need to have the bathroom floor worked on or redone too. Here the plumbing repairs and plumbing installation might include fixing ceramic tiles or terrazzo. It is good to plan on which tile you would put as finishing touches. Remember all bathroom refurbishment is all about bringing out beauty and class. It is important not to underestimate every step of the planning process. What to put in mind when working is suitability of the tiles, pattern, size and area covered. Do not forget the adhesive. Also consider the clearance service, as that is one project you will need it for.

Steps to follow

  1. Preparation

It is always good to prepare any surface that you want to work on. Ensure the shower area is tiled (floor, wall) should go through leveling, smoothing, priming and some instances water proofing. All these give a good finishing and improve the lifespan. This is probably the most important step for a long lasting job. Do not rush it and work on some expert home clearance before that to ensure you have enough space for the job.

  1. Laying

This is the working stage, it requires creativity, and it is always good to create room before starting for your work to be easier and safety. Look into builders waste collection to get the materials and rubbish from the previous phase cleared out. Bathroom fittings require one to follow manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure that you have the required equipment for your project. Handle the fragile tools with great care to avoid incurring unnecessary costs.

  1. Refurbishment

Once the major activity is over, do the cleaning, builders waste removal and testing on whether the shower is on par with your desire. You can do the cleaning or water proof to ascertain job well done. You are now closer to being professional, just simple steps to get the best result.

  1. Ongoing maintenance

Once you are done with the work, you should be careful and often inspect the shower. That will guarantee the smooth work of the shower in the future, which is ultimately the most desirable goal. This process as soon as you are done with builders clearance.