Interesting facts about Portugal


Portugal seems to be the forgotten European pearl. This small yet incredible country hides and offers way more than the other countries that get promoted more often. However, there are still people who can recognize and value the real beauties. Starting from the very north up until the most southern spot of the country, Portugal will amaze you. Its beaches and landscapes are nowhere else to be seen. The sunsets above Portugal are like from another planet.


Firstly, what makes this country such a cozy place to stay are its people and their hospitality. Everyone feels like home when in Portugal. You are never alone. The Portuguese are such a friendly nation, even though we must admit, they are very bad in foreign languages. They speak a dialect of Portuguese that differs from place to place. Even though they are quite touristic place and host tourists from all over the world, they slightly put an accent only on the English language. However, they manage to communicate with everyone. This is such a big plus when the overall impression of the country is analized.


Secondly, if you are a wine lover you can’t skip Portugal! One of the best places known for the production of wine is Porto. Moreover if sum up the different types of cheeses they produce you will never want to leave Portugal. When the culinary is in question, the Portuguese kitchen beats many other famous kitchens not only in Europe but in the world.

If you want to know something more about Portugal that you maybe never heard about before, check the following facts:

The Portuguese always give you two kisses, both when they meet you first and when they say goodbye.
If in a public transport you use the pregnant women’s seat, the blind people’s seat, the place for the people with disabilities but you are not one, you are most likely to pay a fine.
The Portuguese have their own Venice. In fact, that’s how they call their amazing town Aveiro. It’s a canal town with plenty of boats that look like gondolas. Moreover the houses by the canals are so picturesque that it looks like you are in a gallery.
They are addicted to football. Their first question when they meet someone new is “what’s your favorite team”. And a fact worth mentioning is that Cristiano Ronaldo is their pride.
The exterior of the houses and their facades are a real art. Most of them are hand made and that’s why Portugal is known as a quite picturesque and colorful country.
The graffiti are considered as an art, unlike in many other country. There are even graffiti artists that have the status of a famous star in Portugal.
There are elevators on the streets in Lisbon. The Portuguese capital is such a steep city.
One of the highest and biggest waves in the world can be seen exactly in Portugal. Especially the place Nazare is well known for the thirty meters high waves.
Even though both the Portuguese and the Brazilian speak Portuguese, they even sound like a totally different language. The difference in dialects and accents can be noticed very much.