Interesting facts about the people who believe Earth to be flat


There must be at least one person you know he thinks that our planet is flat, regardless on the innumerous facts that claim the oposite. They all agree that the claiming that earth is a sphere is a theory of conspiracy spread by the most powerful goverments, the space agencies and the private corporations. Therefore they go too far trying to convince the rest of the world in what they believe by sharing some, for all the other people, even funny facts. You can se the most ridiculous ones bellow:

  1. They believe that Mars is a sphere

Elon Mask wrote a tweet in 2017 asking “Why there isn’t a association for a flat Mars?” The association for a flat Earth replied: “Hello Elon, thank you for your question. Unlike Earth, Mars does have a shape of sphere.” This reply was really surprising because everyone expects them to believe that Mars too is flat. A member of the association for a flat Earth have said that maybe Mars is flat too, but there are no proofs for that yet.

Another user on internet have asked the “believers” why would only Earth be a flat space object, on which they replied: “We have no idea. Why Earth is the only known spacial object that has  life on it? Is it because it’s unique or should we keep on looking for another such object?”


2. They are planning a trip to the edge, the end of Earth

The majority of the people who believe in the theory that Earth is flat also believe that it is surrounded by ice, which is the reason why no one has ever fallen from Earth’s edge. Nowadays some of the “believers” are planning a trip to that edge in order to put an end to that doubt. This trip is aprooved by the International conference for flat Earth but what’s interesting is that they are going to use devices for navigation based on Earth shaped in form of sphera.


3. They believe that the photography of SpaceX with the “Starman” is fake

Before the time of the private space trips, this people were focussed on the government agencies like NASA and were accusing them of hiding the truth for finantial gains. Nowadays they are more focussed on the private businesses like SpaceX.

In February 2018 Elon Mask have launched both the Falcon Heaven rocket and his Tesla car. On the driver’s seat there was a doll dressed as an astronaut, which Mask later called it “Starman”. The car is equiped with cameras so the video was shared on YouTube as live streaming. What the video presented was something we can absolutely rely on and on its background can perfectly be seen the real shape of Earth, which is sphera with no doubt. However, that is something which the members of the association for a flat Earth avoid to accept and see as it is. They believe this picture, as well as the whole video to be fake and even accused Mask for hiding the truth for his own purpose.