Interesting facts about wine you didn’t know


Wine is an interesting beverage. It can bring another level of sophistication to an event. It is a drink that requires some knowledge but if you are extremely knowledgeable about it, drinking wine can be a full experience, especially when paired with beef or cheese. However, there are a few things about this extraordinary drink that you might not know about. 


It is “alive”

You might find that it tastes a little weird after a car ride to the beach, or tastes completely different from when you had it in Sicily. This is because your wine doesn’t travel well. It might be due to the change in climate, temperature or some other factor, but always allow your wine to rest, whether it’s a merlot from 1995 or a bottle of 2005 Latour Wine – 1.5L. Some experts even suggest that you let it be for at least two weeks when it’s travelled by plane. 

Temperature matters

Never serve reds at room temperature, it should always be chilled, even if just slightly. It can improve the quality of any wine, whether it’s cheap or the most expensive you can find. This is because room temperature throws its balance off and you won’t be able to taste all the subtle nuances in your wine. Plus it just tastes better. Try it. Pour two glasses of wine, let them both sit, one in the fridge and the other on the counter, try and you’ll agree and never serve room temperature wine ever again. 

Your lipstick is ruining it

If there’s fragrance in your lipstick, it will interfere with the whole experience of drinking wine – which is part taste and for the better part, smell. Therefore, you should always avoid wearing cologne or anything scented if you’re going to a wine tasting event. 

Cheese and beef goes well with wine, but some things should be avoided

Asparagus. Dessert. Artichokes. Peanut butter. These are the top four foods to be avoided when you’re going to have a glass. The first offender brings out the vegetal taste in wine. Artichokes will make you perceive flavors that aren’t there. Peanut butter coats your tongue and numbs it to the subtle flavours of wine. Lastly, dessert, sugar and wine do not play well together because it brings out the tennis. You can overcome this by ordering dessert wine: port, sherry, or madeira. If you love your merlots or shiraz, dessert can wait for later. 

The vintage is not as important as you’re led to believe

Many people think that the older the wine is, the better. That is completely false. Vintage used to be important because the flavor of the wine used to be entirely dependent on nature. This highly temperamental beverage is hard to get right prior to the invention of modern technology. Today, thanks to climate control, vintage is no longer important. You no longer have to discern whether a bottle of wine was made during a good year or not because they are now all equal