Interesting facts about your favorite alcoholic beverage – gin


The easiest fact that might crosses your mind when the gin is in question is that nowadays it turned into everyone’s favorite drink. Year after year the gin is getting more and more popular. Most of the most famous cocktails contain gin in it. The experts believe it is because of the gin and the tequila and the effect they produce.

Yet another easy fact is that the gin is one of the most spent and sold alcoholic beverages all around the globe. If the gin is your favorite alcoholic drink too, the following facts could be surprising yet interesting to you.

At the very beginning, the gin was mostly used my the British colonies. The real reason behind this is that the quinine, which is part of it, makes the mosquitoes go away. However, the people weren’t really amazed by the flavor of the quinine only, therefore they used to mix it with gin. That’s how we have the final product nowadays.
Even though it was firstly invented and mostly used by the British at the beginning, nowadays the greatest consumers of gin are the Filipinos. Even more than 25 millions of boxes and packages of gin are consumed by the each year. No country compares to them in that sense.
Have you ever thought about how is the martini made? Well, the mixture of gin and a sweet vermouth results with martini. On the other hand, dry martini is made of a mixture of dry vermouth and gin. Yet another alcoholic drink, dry vodka-martini, is made of vodka and dry vermouth. That’s the explication why all the gin lovers enjoy the flavor of vermouth as well. It seems like they have a lots of things in common and combine well.
Even though its name tends to confuse us but the dry London gin is not necessarily made in London. What you have to, however, do is keep the recipe and the process of its production. That way you can make it in any part of the world but as long as you keep the original recipe you can call it dry London gin.
If you want to examine and check the quality of the gin you don’t need anything in particular. All you need is a gin on a room temperature. What you have to do is mix it with a little bit of water. That’s the perfect way to spot all the qualities the gin has.
The very first bottle of gin was produced in 1689. Not until 1731 could one find a bottle of wine nor the product itself as an ingredient in something one can buy in a store. It was exactly that year when they placed muffins with gin on a sale in some supermarkets.
There existed a specific period of time in the history when, on average, every fourth London house was turned into gin distillery. It actually became their trademark, something they are quite proud of.

Now you know probably more about your favorite alcoholic drink. Therefore you better appreciate well its evolution and path throughout the years the next time you ask the barmen for such a drink.