Interesting Weekend Ideas for the Whole Family


What are you and the family going to do this weekend? Go to football? Catch a movie at the cinema? Or just mooch around at home doing nothing in particular? Weekends are precious, so it’s a shame to waste them on the same old activities you always do. Besides, kids can grow bored with doing the same things all the time. Here are some exciting ideas that the whole family will love. Some of them are free or will cost you little more than transport costs, others are more of a treat – but they’re all really interesting ways of spending your weekend.

  1. Geocaching

Geocaching is the old-fashioned idea of a treasure hunt, brought up to date with the use of a GPS-enabled device. Once you have found the cache, you sign the logbook and put it back where you found it. You can take something from the cache, but should replace it with another item of equal value. The cache may not be as easy to find as you think – part of the fun is getting close to the spot it’s hidden in, but not knowing exactly where it is!

  1. Pleasure flight in a helicopter

Do you think you know your local area very well? Gain a new perspective on familiar places by viewing them from a different angle – up in the air. Kids of all ages will love going up in a helicopter and seeing how small everything on the ground looks! Whether you fly over a city or out in the country, you’ll see amazing views and have a wonderful flight when you treat yourself to a helicopter experience.

  1. Cooking classes

One of the most useful things you can teach your children is how to cook. But if your own culinary skills are a bit below par, leave it to the experts and book a cookery class designed for children and families. Kids love getting messy in the kitchen, and if yours aren’t too keen on trying new foods you might find that actually learning to prepare their own meals might make them more enthusiastic for new tastes.

  1. Museum Sleepover

More and more museums and zoos are introducing sleepovers for children, adults, or the family. Just think how much fun you’ll all have, staying in a museum long after most visitors have gone home! It’s like camping out, but in comfort – and in a much more interesting environment than a field or campsite. Plus you won’t have to worry about it raining or your tent blowing away in the wind!

  1. Family Festival

Check out what’s going on in and around your local area – there could be some interesting festivals going on this weekend. And it’s not just music – festivals are organised around many different themes, from food to local history. Plenty are family-friendly, and will have lots of activities for kids of all ages. They’re often really good value, and many even offer free entry.