Interior Design Ideas That Will Literally Rock Your World


There was a time when buying a home in a new development meant choosing a model, making a few minor alterations with the builder, and then waiting for your new home to magically appear. However, today’s homebuyer is looking for something more. Why move to a lovely new suburban development only to live in a home that’s nothing more than a mirror image of every other home in the neighborhood?


Today builders are better able to meet the demand for customizations, which can include anything from the type of siding on the exterior to the use of stone within the home for aesthetic appeal as well as durability. If you are currently looking at interior design options with your builder, have you considered using natural rock within the home as well as on the exterior? Here are some ideas that will literally rock your world.

Stone Veneer Siding & Interior Walls

When looking for a design element that goes beyond anything in your neck of the woods, something like Kafka Granite stone veneer can add instant elegance. There is nothing quite as fashionable as natural rock aggregates and for use on walls, interior as well as exterior, the choices in color and stone are seemingly endless. Imagine a living room with a cathedral ceiling, a fireplace and stone veneer walls. If you are looking for the warmth and appeal of a ski lodge, this is the way to go. It’s amazing how a simple addition like natural rock walls can change the whole ‘feel’ of the home.

For a Kitchen That Rocks…

Once the busiest room in the home, often called the “heart of the home,” it seems as though the kitchen has taken second place to the living and/or family rooms. Most Americans now eat in front of the television or computer and few families sit down for nightly dinners like they did in days gone by. Still, there is nothing like a clean and sparkling kitchen to prep foods in and prepare all those meals for holidays and family get-togethers. Start with granite or marble counters and then add stone veneer siding to the one wall which is usually devoid of appliances or plumbing. Carry the rock theme throughout the home and you will really and truly have a home that rocks – in more ways than one!

Natural Rock in the Bathroom

Here again, natural stone veneer can be used for walls, but that isn’t the only place in a bathroom where rock can be used. Currently, porcelain vessel sinks are all the rage and they are absolutely lovely on a marble countertop. These appear to be freestanding like wash basins of old yet are hooked up to plumbing in such a way as to appear not to be connected to anything at all. The point is to carry the use of stone throughout the entire home, inside and out, so that each room complements all others.

What better way to rock your world than with natural rock that adds a quality of elegance to any home?