What to Do With My International Driver’s License?


Obtaining Your International Driver’s License

When driving internationally, your auto insurance and international driving permit are required, even if you don’t intend on driving. It’s recognized in over 174 countries, it serves as a useful photo ID and translates your information in 10 languages.

However, it’s not a replacement for your native driver license, but merely an addendum for users traveling abroad; if you are ever stopped by foreign authorities, having the license will help you communicate with them easier.

Watch Out for Scams

Travelers wanting to obtain international driver’s license will need to be aware of potential outlets and scams selling fake permits for increased prices. For additional information, travelers need to see an overview of the most common International Drivers Permits scams.

This can include fake IDP’s which leads to travel delays and legal problems. Also, there are storefronts and ads that sell fake documents that aren’t real, and are completely worthless. Visitors and residents with a fake IDP are likely to obtain serious charges, especially if they’re unable to prove their identity. If you’ve been scammed, report the issue to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).

Additional Tips

  1. Obtain an IDP. Keep your International Driving Permit and your driver’s license with you throughout your stay.
  2. Speak to your native country’s embassy to the country you’re traveling to find out what’s needed so you can legally drive there.
  3. Research the driving laws in your desired country.
  4. Look for road permits that are required if you need to drive on certain highways. Instead of paying for tolls to drive on a highway, some states need a sticker that permits you to drive on a highway for a desired period of time. In some countries, they are issued on a yearly basis, but most countries allow you to pay for short-term permits.
  5. If you’re going to a country where the driving lane is on the left, like India, Australia, and the UK, start by driving in a rural area to get used to the different driving perspective. Don’t start by driving in a large city until you get used to it.
  6. Have a road map near you because you might be driving in areas that have poor signals in your GPS system. The United States Geological Survey and Moon.com are good resources if you need a printable map for driving.
  7. If you have prescription eyeglasses, always where them when you’re driving in a different country. While the laws differ from each country, any medical requirements you must meet in your country will be needed in any country you’re traveling to.


Remember, if you’re going anywhere outside your domestic country, you need to obtain international driver’s license so that you can drive legally. By doing so, you make it easier to rent cars, drive on highways, and offers you legal protection if you’re ever stopped. Thus, you should ensure that you get one traveling so that you save yourself a lot of issues once you arrive.

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