Where on the Internet to Get Holiday Inspiration


Looking forward to your summer holidays? Then why have you not booked already? You probably don’t want to waste those precious two weeks, you want to go somewhere you and your family will thoroughly enjoy. You perhaps want to go somewhere that no-one else you know has been, somewhere which will give you a unique experience and offer something truly new. Luckily, at your fingertips is the greatest tool to provide inspiration for travel ideas that has ever been invented. – the internet. Here some sites which will certainly whet your appetite for travel.


The Times Travel

No matter what you think of their politics, The Times has the best reputation for travel advice of any newspaper. A variety of articles from destinations around the world will enable you to seek out some overlooked gems as well as get advice on some well-worn routes. The only barrier here is obviously the subscription fee.


Trip Advisor

Sections such as their ‘Best of 2015’ blog flags up some of the best attractions, restaurants, beaches and more for the year according to Trip Advisor. This is a great way to dip into this vast resource and get some great advice from fellow travellers while you are there.


UK Breakaways

This domestic holiday provider has some great tips on the best places to go in this country. Pages such as their top 6 ideas point out some fabulous destinations you can visit on a budget.



Pinterest is a very versatile resource for inspiration on all areas of life. Whether you are looking for a caravan holiday, a break in the Bahamas or a weekend getaway you will find ideas after a quick search on this easy peasy site. Be careful though, Pinterest is a regular virtual rabbit warren – people have been known to innocently look for craft inspiration and not return for weeks on end – it’s that addictive!


Canopy and Stars

This site devoted to the quirkier destinations is great for the glampers amongst you. The special Inspire Me tab is ready-made for those who want to be presented with a random idea for their next holiday. From treetop accommodation to repurposed wagons and train carriages this site features destinations with novelty and comfort.


Visit Britain

If you feel there’s lots of the British Isles you are yet to discover take a look at the official tourism website. There is a wealth of information about the best places in the country to explore. There is also a special widget (interactive) which depending on your preferences takes you to a resort perfect for your needs.


If you still aren’t sure take a virtual tour of the country using Google Maps. If a place captures your attention you can always do further research.