Inventive Ways To Brighten Up Your Stationary


Stationary is one of those things that is what you make of it. Keep it untouched and unadorned then it offers a purely functional purpose, but get creative and it can become a decorative element that overshadows everything else. You don’t need much to get started transforming your stationary into personalized gems, but a bit of imagination and a few basic tools will go a long way!


Small changes can have big effects

Brightening your stationary doesn’t have to involve making elaborate changes and spending hours on it. Instead, you can simply work with the materials you have to hand and use as much or as little time as you like. For instance, if you have a surplus of business stationary from an online order that needs repurposing or a leftover stack of brown paper yearning to be used, look no further! These tricks can help turn everyday items into something special.

Get stamping

Put your stamp on your favorite items to indelibly mark them with your style. Ink pads can be picked up oh so cheaply from any number of local markets and stores, and armed with that alone you are ready to create some serious artwork. Whether it’s a pet’s paw, a sponge shape or rubber stamps you’ve had forever, add some personality to the edges of your stationary.

Dip-dye galore

Dip-dyeing is a great way to give instant cool to any paper. All you need is a small container of warm water (about 2 cups or slightly more should be enough) and a small cap of the dye ink color you want to work with. From there, you simply dip in the edges of the paper you want to work on, and voila – a beautiful and unique border!

Seal it with wax

The old worldliness of wax seals gives everything they adorn a special sense of majesty. With just a few folds and an imprint, a seal can turn an unused old map into a gorgeous envelope ready for posting. For extra personalization, why not try making your own wax seal, featuring a letter or date that’s important to you?

Pretty printed tape

Printed tape can be found in almost any local store and will add instant fun to any stationary. Use it to edge paper or envelopes, cover up old addresses or blemishes, or to join edges when getting 3D inventive. With so many patterns and colors out there to choose from, there’s something for everyone!

How to use your newly decorated stationary

Having gone to the effort of making all of your paper and notebooks look amazing, you will almost certainly want to find a good use for it. There are a number of things you can do with stationary beyond simply writing shopping lists. For instance, if you opt to include your brand name or logo into your decorations, why not give away some of the letterheaded writing pads as presents? This way your gifts can help promote your brand, while still being a nice gesture. Alternatively, use decorated cards and envelopes as wedding or birthday invites, or simply frame them to put above your desk.