Why are Inversion tables good for you?


Whether you live a sedentary or the most active lifestyle, you’re bound to suffer from back pain at one point in your life. You, therefore, need to prepare yourself psychologically if you haven’t experienced it yet.

Inversion therapy has been around for decades. With research and studies done, doctors, physical trainers, and physical therapists recommend it to their clients.

During inversion, you use gravity to treat some of the ailments you may have. Inversion therapy isn’t just for back pain or any spinal related ailments. It can be used for general body healing for pain, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, mental and even physical health. Find out reasons why inversion tables are good for you.

Prevents unnecessary spinal surgery

Anytime you suffer from any kind of back pain, the first solution is usually surgery. For those who have never had surgery, it’s never a wonderful experience. You get sore for months, you’re advised to take a bed rest and you may get re-infected.

With an inversion table, however, you can use it on a regular basis. If this is your routine, you may just escape getting those invasive surgeries. Plus it will save you so much time and money.

It repairs discs and relieves nerve pain

The number one cause of back pain other than strain is herniated discs. These discs are your spine’s shock absorbers. So with age or physical activities, gravity gets to work too well on them.

When this happens, the discs slip or rupture and this causes unending pain. Using an inversion table helps in decompressing the discs to allow them to move back to where they’re supposed to be.

If you also suffer from Sciatica or other nerve pain, an inversion table will work miracles for you. The same way it ‘repairs’ the herniated discs, it will help your muscles and ligaments relax after being filled with plenty of oxygen, fluid, and nutrients.

Say goodbye to those unannounced headaches

If you get unnecessary headaches, don’t take painkillers, you need an inversion table. The headaches could be as a result of muscle spasms around the neck or shoulders and the spine.

When you use an inversion table, those muscles spasms significantly reduce. It also helps you to distress allowing for easier and faster blood flow to the head.

Every time you invert, your lymphatic system starts working again. This allows for your body to eliminate the toxins that cause headaches.

Your respiratory system improves

Every time you invert, there’s enough blood circulation to the lungs and this improves your lung function. When your lungs work exceptionally well, oxygen is quickly passed through your body.

When this happens, your sinuses are cleared as they get enough blood with oxygen. This keeps your nasal passages moister, therefore, improving breathing.

More inversion means easier breathing. This is because your diaphragm gets stronger as you take controlled breaths and hold them longer. You’ll also get to fully utilize your lower lungs allowing it to collect enough oxygen to circulate to the rest of your body.

Your heart works at optimal levels

The baseline of using inversion tables is improved circulation even if you have a herniated disc. When you’re inverted, the heart doesn’t work as hard as when you’re upright.

This allows the heart to ‘take a break’ as blood freely moves around your body. This then eliminates blood-related diseases like varicose veins.

Your posture improves

Bad posture weakens your spine and the muscles around it. This is what causes the back pain you’re suffering from.

Going back to sit with the correct posture can be really hard as the brain is used to those muscles being weak. This is where the inversion tables come in. It’s the best and quickest ways to improve your posture as your muscles will be oxygenated and refreshed.

Helps in physical fitness

If you love working out, you can still use inversion tables to improve your body. When you invert, your flexibility and motion improve as blood and oxygen flow to every part of your body.

This also helps in improving the functionality of your joints. After intense work out sessions, the table will speed up the recovery process to prevent even more problems.

With inversion therapy, you also get more sleep as every muscle and ligament in the body will feel refreshed. A good night’s sleep helps in improving your physical health.


Inversion therapy is one of the safest and cheapest ways to treat any spinal or physical pain you suffer from. To get the most out of inversion, you need to have the best inversion table that is comfortable enough.

It’s not recommended to get onto one unless your doctor gives you a go-ahead. You also need to know that you shouldn’t stop taking the drugs for your back. Inversion tables are meant to supplement them.