The iPhone 6: review and specs


With the iPhone 6 Apple, has finally succumbed to the world trends and substantially increased the size of the display. Now, these are quite topical 4.7 inches. Pixel density remains the same — 326 ppi. So the resolution increased from 640×1136 to 750×1334 points. Order good iphone 6 on Jiji!  Here you will find the widest range of prices on one particular model, so you can choose an option that suits you best.


1 GB RAM and the characteristics of processor (dual core, 1.4 Ghz) are surprising at first glance: it seems that you are dealing with a budget smartphone. In reality, however, the speed of Apple phone is, as always, great and does not cause any complaints neither in daily use, nor in applications work and synthetic tests. In the same benchmarks the iPhone 6 proved no worse than Android-flagships, whose features are in 1.5-2 times higher.


The display has not received any serious changes: resolution increased proportionally to the growth of the diagonal, while retaining the old density of pixels per inch and loudly calling it Retina HD. The colors on the display look natural and bright, and viewing angles are among the best on the market. Maybe it’s good that Apple didn’t decided to make higher resolution, because then the iPhone 6 battery would be over even faster.


The time of autonomous work is, perhaps, the only serious omission in Apple iPhone 6. It is not low, but comparing to its main rivals doesn’t impress at all — as shown by our tests, it remained at the level of the Apple iPhone 5s, based on customer feedback, it wasn’t enough. The iPhone 6 camera has undergone some changes: thanks to a phase focusing it began to focus and shoot faster. Now, it is also possible to shoot video at the speed of 240 frames per second.

Other features

Also, there are such improvements as voice-over-LTE, Apple Pay payment system, NFC chip, etc. Despite the fact that the technical specifications of the smartphone look modestly amid Android-flagships, and many of the changes look like belated attempts to catch up with competitors, this is still a real iPhone. It has grown up, got an update, and now it is working on an updated iOS 8. Once again, Apple has created a premium phone for consumers who choose a smartphone to solve everyday tasks: Internet browsing, social networking and phone calls, while running fast and making good photos.