Is Brazilian Butt Lift Right for Me?


Do you feel like your buttocks are staying flat no matter how much you work out? If you don’t benefit from endless squats and other forms of exercise, you may consider Brazilian butt lift as a viable option to enhance the overall contour of your buttocks. This procedure harvests your own body fat through liposuction. The fat is then processed and injected into the areas of your buttocks that need additional volume and fullness. While the procedure can help you achieve curvy, voluptuous buttocks, it is not an ideal solution for everyone. Read below to find out if you are a good fit for a Brazilian butt lift.

You need to have Extra Fat in your Body

One of the basic requirements of a Brazilian butt lift is having extra fat in your body. During the procedure, fat will be harvested from one or more areas of your body through a minimally invasive procedure called liposuction. The fat can be harvested from your abdomen, thighs, upper arms, back, or hips. Once harvested, the healthy fat will be separated from impurities such as blood, oils, and tissue fluid. The purified fat will be then stored in vials and injected strategically into the areas of your buttocks. To achieve your desired results, at least 1000 cc of fat will be harvested from your problem areas. This amount permits the injection of 500 cc of fat per buttock. After several weeks, you will need to undergo another session to achieve the best clinical outcome. It is important to keep in mind that some of the fat will get reabsorbed by your body so you will need 2 to 4 treatment sessions.  

According to Cosmos Clinic Sydney, you are an ideal candidate for the Brazilian butt lift procedure if you have a normal weight or are slightly overweight to ensure that there is an adequate amount of fat in your body that can be transferred to your buttocks.

You need to have Realistic Expectations

During your consultation, your overall health and expectations will be assessed in order to create a treatment plan specific to your needs. Before undergoing a Brazilian butt lift, it is important that your expectations are specific and attainable. Some of the key things that you should keep in mind are the following:

  • The procedure can only achieve a modest increase in the size of your buttocks: The amount of fat that can be injected is only limited to 500 cc per buttock. This is because the injected fat will have to rely on the blood supply in your buttocks in order to survive. The administration of a significant amount of fat can cause your body to reabsorb some of the fat, leading to the formation of lumps. If you desire a dramatic increase in the size of your buttocks, you may need to consider butt implants.
  • The procedure will not prevent you from gaining weight: To maintain the results of the procedure, you will need to commit to a healthy lifestyle by adhering to a healthy diet and regular exercise. With future weight gain, the fat cells can expand or increase in size. This can have a negative impact on the appearance of your buttocks.
  • There is a possibility that some of the fat can get reabsorbed: The results of the procedure will be achieved over time, not overnight. During the first few months, 15-35% of the injected fat cells will not survive and your body will reabsorb them. Over time, the remaining fat cells will establish themselves with new blood vessels, creating permanent results.   

You need to be in Good Overall Health

You need to have good physical and mental health to be considered a potential candidate for the procedure. You will be allowed to undergo a Brazilian butt lift if:

  • You are a non-smoker.
  • You have a healthy weight or are slightly overweight.
  • You haven’t had any recent infections.
  • You don’t have any bleeding or clotting disorders.
  • You don’t have any existing medical condition that can interfere with wound healing.

You have an Allergy to Butt Implants

A Brazilian butt lift is a great alternative if you desire rounder and fuller buttocks but have an allergy to implants. The procedure uses your own fat cells which significantly lowers the risk of rejection or an allergic reaction. Aside from reducing your risk of complications, the procedure also gives you a natural look and feel to your buttocks. If you have butt implants, the foreign object under your natural tissue may affect the sensation and movements of your buttocks. 

A Brazilian butt lift can help achieve a fuller, more curvaceous butt with natural-looking results. While it is considered minimally invasive, you will still need to meet the minimum requirements of the procedure to ensure optimal results.